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MIAMI DICTATORS? Mayor and Commissioner Facing Recalls Hire P-I to Investigate Citizens

Posted by FactReal on January 17, 2011

According to WIOD:1

Miami-Dade’s mayor and a commissioner will not be recalled without a fight. Mayor Carlos Alvarez has reportedly hired private investigators to question those who collected petition signatures like Rigoberto Carrigan.

He says a P-I came to his house in Westchester last month asking who taught him how to collect the signatures and fill out the recall forms.

He says the P-I stayed for about a half hour, but he wasn’t upset since he felt it was his duty to collect the signatures.

He says he’s very upset over how his local government is running and given the chance, he’d collect the signatures again.

Commissioner Natacha Seijas has hired a private investigations firm to do background checks on those being deposed in her pending lawsuit.

She wants her election blocked, Alvarez is putting petitions under the microscope for a potential second legal challenge.

Miami Herald has more details:2

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez

Commissioner Seijas

With the recall elections for Mayor Alvarez and County Commissioner Natacha Seijas set for March 15, both politicians are employing private investigators, lawyers and political consultants in a bare-knuckles fight for survival.


Last month Alvarez’s political action committee, Citizens For Truth, hired private investigative firm Sessler & Lopez. The PAC paid the firm $5,000 on Dec. 17 and another $5,000 on Dec. 22, according to year-end financial disclosures. Seijas has hired ICDA Investigations, run by former county homicide detective Raul Diaz, to probe into the backgrounds of recall-petition gatherers, known as circulators, in search of evidence that may help discredit the petitions they were involved with.

Diaz has done a lot of private investigative work over the years for the county, and previously worked for Seijas. Seijas’ PAC, Abre Los Brazos, paid Diaz’s firm $5,000 on Dec. 22, according to the latest filings.

Stephen Cody, an attorney for Seijas, said the private investigations firm is doing background checks on those whom he will depose in her pending lawsuit, but hasn’t interviewed petition circulators.

FLASHBACK 9/24/2010:
1- WIOD: http://wiod.com/cc-common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=122821&article=8053638
2- Miami Herald: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/16/v-fullstory/2019490/alvarez-seijas-in-fight-for-survival.html#ixzz1BLxg4cQn 

MIAMI-DADE 2010 BUDGET: Commissioners Voted to Raise Property Taxes…recall coming! (9/24/2010)


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