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CHAOS IN EGYPT: News Roundup

Posted by FactReal on January 30, 2011

Updated by FactReal on Feb. 17, 2011
Egyptian leaders’ dilema:  “It’s a trap with two sides: On the one hand, the regime understands that hatred of Israel remains the string that binds an unhappy and increasingly fractious country together, and it has been perfectly happy to allow an otherwise censored media free rein in this department. On the other, the regime has to pay the increasingly steep political price of allying itself with Israel, as it essentially did in the 2006 war in Lebanon and the 2009 war in Gaza.”

Will Egyptians choose freedom and democracy or let radical Islamists (i.e., Muslim Brotherhood) take control of their government and nation. Will the Obama Administration orchestrate a replay of the 1979 Iranian revolution?

Mid-December 2010
Al-Qaeda Released Statement Targeting Alexandria Church 2 Weeks Ago

12/31/2010, Friday
Car Bomb Kills 21 Christians Leaving Church in Egypt After New Year’s Mass (Video)
Islamic anger and intolerance led to attack on Coptic Church

1/16/2011, Sunday
Egypt Stocks Drop on Concern Tunisia Unrest May Spread

1/18/2011, Tuesday
Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution: A Harbinger of Future Uprisings?

1/22/2011, Saturday
Obama Administration Lifts US Ban on Muslim Brotherhood Leader:  “The Barack Obama administration has decided to lift a ban preventing Muslim Scholar Professor Tariq Ramadan from entering the United States. Ramadan, an Egyptian currently living in Switzerland, is a leading member of Europe’s Muslim Brotherhood branch and the grandson of the movement’s founder Hassan al-Banna. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization for Hamas and some of the groups that recently merged into al-Qaeda, including Ayman al Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad.”  The Obama administration “has now decided to lift the ban and possibly allow both Ramadan and South African Muslim activist Professor Adam Habib onto American soil. State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters that the government no longer views Ramadan or Habib as representing threats to the United States. “The next time Professor Ramadan or Professor Habib apply for a visa, they will not be found inadmissible on the basis of the facts that led to denial when they last applied.”

1/25/2011, Tuesday
Egypt Protests:
“Some 20,000 demonstrators, complaining of poverty, unemployment, corruption and repression and inspired by this month’s downfall of the president of Tunisia, had turned out in cities across Egypt on Tuesday to demand that Mubarak step down…Egypt’s population of 80 million is growing by 2 percent a year. About 60 percent of the population — and 90 percent of the unemployed — are under 30 years old…About 40 percent live on less than $2 a day, and a third are illiterate.”
Hillary Clinton: “Mubarak’s government is stable”
“Washington, a close ally of Egypt and a major donor, called for restraint.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mubarak’s government was stable and seeking ways to meet Egyptians’ needs…[O]ur assessment is that the Egyptian Government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people.”
(Via State Dept.: http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2011/01/155280.htm)

1/26/2011, Wednesday
Egyptian Regime Bans Protests After Massive Unrest

Video: Protester shot…but who shot him?

1/27/2011, Thursday
As Usual…Obama’s Response to the Egyptian Crisis Is Late & Pathetically Weak (Video): “Egypt’s been an ally of ours on a lot of critical issues…It is very important that people have mechanisms in order to express their grievances,” Obama said in an interview being broadcast live on YouTube:

(Full video: http://www.youtube.com/worldview?utm_source=SEM&utm_medium=BKWS&utm_campaign=Obama 
(Video mark 16:45))

Joe Biden expresses support for Mubarak

1/28/2011, Friday
Game Changer: The Muslim Brotherhood join the protests: “The Muslim Brotherhood, which doesn’t have any qualms about completely misrepresenting itself and its aims in order to achieve its goals, is thus ideally positioned to take advantage of the chaos that would follow Mubarak’s ouster. And, because Egypt is a much more powerful nation than most Middle Eastern states thanks to years of American aid and support, if the Muslim Brotherhood grabbed control in Egypt it would be a disaster along the lines of Khomeini taking over in Iran.”
The Muslim Brotherhood – the radical Islamic supremacist group
Protests get violent after noon prayers
Mubarak Calls Out Army Against Unrest. Protesters shaked hands with the soldiers, and chanted: “The army and the people are united” and “The revolution has come.”
- Beware: ElBaradei – friend of the Muslim Brotherhood: “ElBaradei is a radical himself to some extent. During his time with the International Atomic Energy Agency, he oftentimes served as an apologist for Iran’s nuclear program. He hasn’t shown himself to be a friend of the United States. The “loose alliance” he has established with the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological grandfather to al Qaeda, is a mile-wide red flag that if he succeeds Mubarak, Egypt will probably fall out of alliance with the US and Israel and will likely fall into Iran’s orbit.”
Iranian Regime Hails New Islamic Middle East Taking Shape: “Tehran Friday Prayer Leader has said that the United States’ dream of creating a new Middle East under its domination did not come true and a new Middle East, based on Islamic principles, is taking shape…Ayatollah Khatami told worshippers at the Tehran University campus, ‘Today, an Islamic Middle East is taking shape and this is a new Middle East which is based on Islam, religion, and religious democracy’…Ayatollah Khatami also said that the recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and other Arab states echo the 1979 Islamic Revolution.”
Obama admin. plays every angle
Cynicism: In Phone Call Obama Lectures Mubarak On Economics and Makes Egypt About Himself: ‘When I was in Cairo Shortly After I was Elected President, I Said…’

1/29/2011, Saturday
Obama Doctrine is Failing in the Middle East
More Video of the Night Violence, Fires and Clashes in Cairo Egypt
Chaos in Cairo – Massive Protests Resume In Egypt
IRANIAN REGIME Urges Egypt to Exercise Restraint Against Democracy Protesters…This comes from the same regime that in 2009 was shooting at democracy protesters from rooftops.
It’s Obama’s Fault… Looters Break Into King Tut Museum & Destroy Artifacts
Photos of Egyptian museum damage
Egyptian Spy Chief Omar Suleiman Appointed VP (Video)
El-Baradei Lashes Out at US & Urges Mubarak to Step Down Today
Muslim Brotherhood: Arabs Will Topple Leaders Allied With the US
Obama & MSM partying while Egypt burns


OBAMA-CARTER Redux in the Middle East: “In Year One, Carter invested all the international prestige of his presidency in diplomacy and image-making. His energy was dedicated almost exclusively to ‘making nice’ on the world stage. It’s what drove his actions in the Israeli-Egyptian peace process, at strategic-arms limitation talks and in negotiating the Panama Canal Treaty.” Then Carter stood by impotently as violence engulfed Iran, revolutionaries danced in the rubble of the U.S. embassy, and Americans were held hostage. Equally controversial and damaging for Carter was the American response to the Kawangju student protests in South Korea. As the senior U.S. commander at the time recalled, “It was a setback to the democratization process in the [Republic of Korea] and a poor harbinger for the human rights goals that were central to President Carter’s foreign policy.”
– Obama=Carter: Egypt Is the New Iran

Obama admin. mixed signals: Vice President Joe Biden denied that President Mubarak was a dictator, in an interview with the PBS News Hour, and stated that Mubarak should not step aside. Today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on Fox News and urged the start of an “orderly transition” to bring about a “democratic, participatory government” while stopping short of calling for Mubarak’s ouster.
Muslim Brotherhood Announces They Will Support El-Baradei
Egyptian Miltary Jets Fly Low Over Cairo
Frightening: Muslim Brotherhood Militants Escape From Prison in Egypt (Video)
Saudi King Told Obama Not to Humiliate Mubarak (Full article)

1/30/2011, Sunday
Two Christian Families Massacred by Muslims
Video: London’s Muslim Brotherhood Rep. Calls for Civil Disobedience, Including “Halting Passage through the Suez Canal… and Preparing for War with Israel”: “I am absolutely certain that this revolution will not die, and that the next step must be one of civil disobedience. This civil disobedience will generate strife among the Egyptians. This disobedience must include halting passage through the Suez Canal, stopping the supply of petroleum and natural gas to Israel, and preparing for war with Israel,” Muhammad Ghanem said to Al-Alam TV (Iran) (Transcript)
Escaped convicts and looters on the streets
Less like a rebellion for democracy…more like radical Muslim takeover: “The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to establish an Islamist state in Egypt, has made some statements that it was willing to let ElBaradei act as point man for the movement. But it also appeared to be moving for a more prominent role after lying low when the protests first erupted.

On Sunday evening, the presence of overtly pious Muslims in the square was conspicuous, suggesting a significant Brotherhood representation. Hundreds performed the sunset prayers. Veiled women prayed separately.

A senior Brotherhood leader, Essam el-Erian, told The Associated Press he was heading to Tahrir Square to meet with other opposition leaders. El-Erian told an Egyptian TV station that the Brotherhood is ready to contact the army for a dialogue, calling the military “the protector of the nation.” […]

Egyptian security officials said armed men fired at guards in overnight battles that lasted hours at the four prisons — including one northwest of Cairo that held hundreds of militants. The prisoners escaped after starting fires and clashing with guards.

Those who fled included 34 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose lawyer, Abdel-Monaem Abdel-Maqsoud, told the AP they were among scores rounded up by authorities ahead of Friday’s large demonstrations. The escapees included at least seven senior members of the group.”

Mohamed ElBaradei: “Muslim Brotherhood Threat is a Myth Pushed by Dictatorial Regime”
Mohamed ElBaradei at Tahrir Square: “The Regime Must Go, and a New Phase Must Begin”
American communists rally against Mubarak

1/31/2011, Monday
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader: “Prepare for War with Israel”
Obama’s Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: US will stay out of Egyptian politics: “The United States government does not determine who’s on the ballot.” “That is not for our country or our government to determine.” “I want to be clear — I want to be very clear because I don’t — that is not for me to determine. That is not for our government to determine. That is for the people of Egypt to determine. So I have not weighed in on anything other than — as we have throughout this process — on the side of the people of Egypt to determine what Egypt looks like in their future.” “It is not up to us to determine when the grievances of the Egyptian people have been met by the Egyptian government.”
Egypt’s new VP, Omar Suleiman, Target of Assassination Attempt That Killed Two Bodyguards

2/1/2011, Tuesday
Obama to Hosni Mubarak: Don’t run for another term. Transition must begin now.
White House to Mubarak: Stay Put…Wait, We Don’t Take Sides…Uh, Hit the Road
Senator John Kerry Urges Mubarak to Step Down
Obama’s envoy (Frank Wisner) tells Mubarak his tenure coming to a close
MUBARAK ANNOUNCES RESIGNATION – He Will Not Run Again for President After Obama Admin. Asks Him to Step Aside

2/2/2011, Wednesday
Leftist Code Pink in Cairo to Protests Against Mubarak
RINO John McCain to Greta: It’s Time for Egypt’s Mubarak to Step Down (Fox News Video: Part 1 | Part 2)
Obama’s Caliphate: Administration Says ‘Muslim Brotherhood Could Play Role in Egypt’
Video: London-Based Egyptian Islamist Calls to Block the Suez Canal and to Halt the Flow of Oil (Transcript)
Video: Egyptian TV host: US and Iran Orchestrating Egyptian Uprising (Transcript)

2/3/2011, Thursday
NYT: Obama Administration in Talks For President Mubarak’s Immediate Resignation
Mubarak to ABC News’ Christiane Amanpour: ‘If I Resign Today There Will Be Chaos’; Obama doesn’t understand the Egyptian culture
Marxist Left allies with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Middle East
Obama Administration Warned About Unfolding Crisis in Egypt in Late 2010… Did Nothing: The nation’s spy services had warned the Obama administration late last year that Egypt’s government could fall. “We warned of instability,” said Stephanie O’Sullivan, who has been nominated to become the nation’s No. 2 intelligence official.

2/4/2011, Friday
Video: Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei Calls Upon Egyptian Army to Join Masses in Ousting Hosni Mubarak
Ayatollah Khamenei Calls For Islamic Regime in Egypt
Unions Working to Influence Egyptian Uprising (Video)
“Day of Departure” Protests Fail… Mubarak Says He Will Stay On

2/5/2011, Saturday
Egyptian Gas Pipeline Blown Up Near Gaza

AP: An explosion went off at a gas terminal in Egypt’s northern Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, causing a fire along a pipeline that transports gas to Israel, Syria and Jordan. No injuries were reported, but officials say they suspect sabotage.

Egypt: Christian Church Bombed, Militant Buddhists Wanted For Questioning: Assailants detonated a bomb Saturday in an empty church in a small town in northern Egypt…in the town of Rafah, on the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
VP’s assassination plot denied by Egyptian security
Obama’s envoy says Mubarak must stay for now: “We need to get a national consensus around the preconditions for the next step forward. The president must stay in office to steer those changes,” Frank Wisner told a security conference in Munich…
Obama administration distanced itself from Frank Wisner, Obama’s own envoy to Mubarak
Obama’s mixed messages on Egypt

2/6/2011, Sunday
Muslim Brotherhood Says It Started Talks With New Egyptian VP Omar Suleiman
Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists to Press Demands During Talks
ABC’s Amanpour Says Muslim Brotherhood Group Is Not Fundamentalist. But facts contradict Amanpour:

Former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahdi Akef, says that jihad is the personal duty of every Muslim man and woman:

“Allah commanded us to wage Jihad. Jihad is a personal duty incumbent upon every Muslim man and woman…”

Senior US Marine: Multiple Platoons Are Heading to Egypt
Hillary Clinton Refutes Obama – Says Mubarak May Need to Stay On
Pro-Egypt Rallies in NY and Canada Turn Into Pro-Hamas, Jew-Hate Fests

2/7/2011, Monday
Egypt Approves 15 Percent Raise For Government Employees
Google Manager (Wael Ghonim) and organizer of the protests is released by the Egyptian government

2/8/2011, Tuesday
Obama’s White House scrambles to regain message on Egypt

2/9/2011, Wednesday
On 1/29/2011, Saudi King Told Obama Not to Humiliate Mubarak. Saudi Arabia also irritated with the “inconsistent messages from American politicians since the crisis in Egypt.” (Full article)
Obama Regime Claims They Haven’t Been Sending Out Mixed Signals on Egypt

2/10/2011, Thursday
Mubarak says won’t resign, but will transfer power

2/11/2011, Friday
Mubarak resigns- What’s next? Freedom or Sharia?
CBS News Reporter Lara Logan Raped and Beaten


– Flashback 2008: Cindy Sheehan Supported Islamic Terrorists – In Egypt
– Flashback 1981: Iran frees US hostages on Reagan’s Inauguration Day


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