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Posted by FactReal on February 9, 2011

TAXPAYERS PAYING TO UPKEEP JIMMY CARTER’S HOME, POOL, GARDEN, TENNIS COURT…plus $518K yearly for his pension, office rental, staff…

Jimmy Carter with Dictator Fidel Castro

The tennis court at former President Jimmy Carter‘s private home is swept twice a day, his pool is cleaned daily and his grass cut, his flower beds weeded and his windows washed on a regular basis — all at taxpayers’ expense.

Under an arrangement with the National Park Service, taxpayers are responsible for the exterior of Mr. Carter‘s home in Plains, Ga. — to the tune of $67,841 last year alone. In exchange, the government obtains the right to add the home to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site when he and his wife pass away.


The list of daily maintenance, financed with taxpayer dollars, includes clearing the driveway, walkway and tennis court, picking up trash along the road that runs by the home, clearing tree branches that have fallen along the estate’s walking trails and cleaning the pool.

On a weekly basis, the Park Service removes cobwebs, mows grass around the estate’s pond and weeds the flower beds, and on a less frequent basis clears leaves from the pool’s pump house and washes the windows of the home.

As an ex-president, Mr. Carter, who served one term before losing re-election to Ronald Reagan in 1980, is already entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds annually for a pension and office expenses. The General Services Administration said Mr. Carter last year was allotted $518,000, including $199,000 for his pension and $102,000 for office rental, plus other costs for postage and staff.


Mr. Carter also receives lifetime protection from the U.S. Secret Service, though that cost is not made public and is not included in the $518,000 figure.

Mr. Carter isn’t the only ex-president to have signed a life estate agreement with the Park Service, but his is apparently the only one leaving the government to foot the bill for basic upkeep.


The budget for the overall Carter National Historic Site has grown 32 percent over five years, from $1.29 million in 2006 to a request of $1.704 million in 2010.

Jimmy Carter – A Failed Former President whose presidency could be summed up by a Billy Joel couplet: “Ayatollahs in Iran/Russians in Afghanistan.” However, this would omit so much: “malaise,” the misery index, soaring interest rates, a “helpless giant” foreign policy, stagflation, gas lines, record deficits,…”

More Carter failures: “Determined to end dependency on foreign oil, Jimmy moved to regulate domestic oil prices. The result was the creation of a price-gouging OPEC cartel that sent oil prices soaring, created rampant inflation, and drove the U.S. economy into deep recession. The misery index, Carter’s own invention for determining the well-being of the American people, rose by 50% during his four years in office.

Jimmy went on to relinquish control of the Panama Canal, to oppose the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan by pulling the U.S. team out of the Olympics, and by attempting to normalize relations with Cuba through the opening of “interest sections” in Washington and Havana. His Cuban policy resulted in the Mariel Boatlift whereby Fidel Castro sent 120,000 refugees – – including mental patients and hardened criminals – – to Miami, thereby transforming the resort city into the crime capital of the United States.

…[H]is Latin American policy that gave rise to the Sandinistas in Nicaragua of his ALT-2 agreement with the Soviet Union, which resulted in lobbyists gaining more power than the highest-ranking Pentagon officials.

Carter’s real legacy remains in Iran with the Islamic Revolution and the rise of the murderous mullahs.”

Jimmy Carter’s Inferior Years
Apologist for Arafat
Carter Shills for Hamas
Carter’s dangerous liaisons
Jimmy Carter: Emissary of Evil
Jimma, tyranny’s enabler


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