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**BREAKING: EGYPT- Mubarak to Step Down; UPDATE: Mubarak refuses to leave (2/10/2011)

Posted by FactReal on February 10, 2011

11:45AM E.T. Reports indicate Mubarak to step down today…
DRUDGE: Egyptian army steps in…

NBC NEWS: Mubarak To Step Down, Vice President Suleiman To Take Over As Leader
FNC’s BRET BAIER: Nile TV: Mubarak address to be broadcast tonight was actually taped yesterday Mubarak may not be in Cairo now and may be in Sharm el Sheik
FNC’s Jon Scott: I am calling what appears to be happening in #Egypt an “organized coup.”
Panetta has clarified Egypt remarks: “continuing to monitor”. No indie intel re Mubarak
NYT: CIA Director Leon E. Panetta says “strong likelihood” says Mubarak would step down by the end of the day
NBC: PER our NBC translator: Egyptian TV just announced Mubarak is meeting with the vice president now in the presidential palace in cairo
BBC: State TV in #Egypt reporting that President #Mubarak holding talks with his Vice President Suleiman
WAPO: Egypt’s state-run media starting to shift from pro-Mubarak coverage
NYT: Panetta appears to walk-back comments, says he echoed press reports and has no CIA intelligence that Mubarak is stepping down
DRUDGE: OBAMA: ‘Have to wait and see what’s going on’
BN: Obama, in Michigan, comments on Egypt: “It is a moment of transformation; people of Egypt are calling for change” “We are witnessing history unfold,” Obama said. (Yes, we witness history every day!)
Al Arabiya: News reports that Mubarak has transferred power to Vice President Omar Suleiman
CNN: Egypt’s Info Min: Mubarak NOT leaving

– CNN & FOX: Awaiting for Mubarak to Speak…he’ll step down
Conflicting info…is Mubarak leaving or not?

Director of National Intelligence: Muslim Brotherhood ‘Largely Secular,’ ‘Has Eschewed Violence’ (Video)

REUTERS: Mubarak starts his televised address to the Egyptian people:
— Mubarak says that those who died did not die in vain in the unrest, and he feels the pain of those who lost family
— Mubarak says he responds to demands with commitment and will not go back and that he believes in the honesty of protester demands and intentions
— Mubarak says he will not accept foreign dictation whatever the justification
— Mubarak says he is committed to protect the constitution until a transfer of power to whoever is elected in an honest election
— Mubarak calling for amendment of 6 constitutional articles
Developing: President Mubarak calls to continue national dialogue, away from disputes

FLASH: President Mubarak says to delegate powers to VP Omar Suleiman, according to constitution

President Mubarak says will not leave Egypt. Protesters in Tahrir Square shout “down, down Hosni Mubarak

Mubarak finishes speech:
REUTERS: Mubarak said he will not leave Egypt

REUTERS: Egypt’s Vice President is speaking in a televised address after Mubarak handed him presidential powers
REUTERS: Mubarak says he will transfer power but won’t resign
AP: Ahmadinejad: Egypt’s popular uprising shows a new Islamic Middle East is emerging

Obama didn’t want to meddle in Iranian’s 2009 uprising, but now releases stern statement on Egypt

UPDATE 2/11/2011 11:07AM E.T.
**BREAKING NEWS: MUBARAK STEPS DOWN…What’s next? (2/11/2011)


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