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WISCONSIN: Tea Party Rally to Support Scott Walker Today (2/19/2011) (Photos, Videos)

Posted by FactReal on February 19, 2011

Wisconsin is ground zero in the fight against the public-sector unions that are bankrupting our country.
Tea Party patriots, American Majority, Andrew Breitbart, GatewayPundit, American For Prosperity and others are in Madison today to support Gov. Scott Walker’s budget cuts.

Time: Saturday, February 19, 2011, starting at 12:00 noon.
Location: Wisconsin State Capitol, South Steps.

More information: I Stand with Walker

Sign the petitions: Tell Gov. Walker you support his budget cuts, American For Prosperity’s Stand with Walker

Photos: Photos Pro-Walker Rally, here, here, and here
(Double-click image to enlarge it)

Blogs: GatewayPundit is reporting from Madison, Michelle Malkin

Livesteaming was via: here.

On Twitter: The Right Scoop, DougEricksonWSJ, Michelle Malkin, Vann Schaffner

Jim Hoft (GatewayPundit) addressing the crowd. Andrew Breitbart
Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher Crowd at the “I Stand with Scott Walker” rally in Madison, Wisconsin
Breitbart in Madison: ‘Battle of Our Times’
Herman Cain: Madison is Ground Zero
Fake ‘Doctors Notes’ Handed Out In WI (Photos) (Video)
MSNBC Rachel Maddow Exposed for Lying About Wisconsin Having Budget Surplus
Obama admin. behind union protests
Police Detain Union Operative After He Attempts to Disable Tea Party Sound System At Rally (Video)
Leftist Hate at Madison Rally (Photos)
What Big Labor protesters are teaching kids (Photos)
Even Lefty Editorials Excoriate Liberal Behavior in Wisconsin for Epic ‘Hypocrisy’


6 Responses to “WISCONSIN: Tea Party Rally to Support Scott Walker Today (2/19/2011) (Photos, Videos)”

  1. hoboduke said

    Very proud that our new governor is intent on keeping campaign promises regardless of media hysteria. Few are reporting the facts, only the demonstrator count. What good is retaining teacher benefits that can’t be sustained? What good is making someone happy today, when you know that after a few years can’t be met with no resources? It’s distrurbing that so many of our teachers are so self centered that “the state of Wisconsin owes it to me” is the primary thought. Who is the states of Wisconsin? The people paying the bills with higher taxes, more fees, and increasing cost of living expenses.

  2. PMA Akron, Ohio said

    I am just amazed at what is going on !! Gov. Walker KUDOS to you. Don’t go wobbly. You are the template; the guiding light for the nation. If it helps – THINK REAGAN.

  3. Cheri said

    Kudos to the Wisconsin Governor! These union thugs need to be gone…they are destroying America with their socialism ideas. To hell with unions and to double HELL with Obama.

  4. ray mondell said

    hang tough walker

  5. Sparen Sie unser Heimatland said

    We need more Governors like Governor Walker all across this country. Better yet, we need a REAL president who will take the same stand nationally rather than partner with the corrupt union leaders. Walker, Christie, Brewer and Herman Cain all come to mind but they are not the only ones.
    A NATIONAL ‘right-to-work’ law is needed!!

  6. Randy Zee said

    I stand corrected, you did post it! Wow!

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