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Senator Marco Rubio: “I Will No Longer Support Short-Term Budget Plans”

Posted by FactReal on March 14, 2011

Via HotAirPundit:
Only a few months into his first Senate term, Florida Republican Marco Rubio took a stand against his party’s leadership with a promise to vote against any short-term proposal to fund the government, and said members of Congress should feel “ashamed” if they fail to reach a deal on long-term spending cuts.
“I will no longer support short-term budget plans. While attempts at new spending reductions are commendable, we simply can no longer afford to nickel-and-dime our way out of the dangerous debt America has amassed,” Rubio wrote in an op-ed published on the conservative blog RedState.com Monday.

“With Congress set to begin another week-long recess next week, every senator and representative should feel ashamed if they have to go home again, look their constituents in the eye, and explain why nothing is being done about our debt crisis.”

[The Democrat] Congress has not passed a federal budget since 2009, instead choosing to fund the government through a string of short term continuing resolutions (CRs).

In his op-ed, Rubio explains:

[T]he federal government has been recklessly spending money it does not have. It is the reason we now have a $14 trillion debt that threatens to bankrupt our country and why, each day, our government borrows $4 billion – almost half from foreigners and most of that from China.

“Despite the seriousness of this debt crisis, an absurd pattern has clearly developed in Washington. Last year, when they still controlled the House, Senate and White House, the Democrats failed to pass a budget at all. In the first two months of this year, Senate Democrat leaders…only attempt at addressing our debt was a plan to cut $4.7 billion in spending, which only equals what our government borrows approximately every 30 hours alone.

“Running our government on the fumes of borrowed spending is unacceptable, short-sighted and dangerous…If the federal government keeps spending money we don’t have, we are going to do permanent damage to our economy’s ability to grow and create jobs while ultimately destroying Medicare and Social Security.”

Read Rubio’s op-ed here.


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