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MIAMI RECALL ELECTION: Mayor Alvarez Using Class Warfare to Fight Recall (Videos)

Posted by FactReal on March 15, 2011

‘Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It’ was one of the rules taught by Marxist agitator and mass manipulator, Saul Alinsky.

Mayor Carlos Alvarez picked the car dealer and philanthropist Norman Braman as his target. He has been attacking Braman for financing this recall and for being a successful businessman. Alvarez wants people to think that this recall is a personal vendetta planned by a “rich-evil guy” against the “poor-man-of-the-people police hero.” But this is not the first time Miamians try to recall Alvarez. Lazaro Gonzalez led the 2009 recall campaign. These recall efforts have proven that you need money to run ad campaigns, to comply with the many onerous rules created by politicians, and to fight challenges in court like the ones filed by Mayor Alvarez and Commissioner Seijas.

This recall is about Mayor Alvarez presenting a budget and Miami-Dade commissioners approving it with an 8-5 vote to increase property taxes for 60% of homesteaded property owners and to give pay raises to most county employees during a severe recession, lower property values and high unemployment. In 2009, Miami citizens asked politicians not to raise taxes. Alvarez and the commissioners decided to ignore the taxpayers and benefit public union employees.

Alvarez demonizes Norman Braman, but the facts contradict him

Alvarez constantly refers to Norman Braman as the billionaire as if that is a qualifier to be demonized or dismissed.

“Yet Braman’s roots reveal that he has much in common with blue-collar immigrants. His father was born in Poland, fought for the United States in World War I, owned a barbershop and never drove a car. His mother, born in Romania, began working in a sewing factory at age 12 so she could send money home.” Braman tells, “I remember walking a mile with my mother during the Depression to save one penny on a dozen eggs.” Braman and his wife “have raised and donated millions for the arts, the underprivileged, a breast cancer treatment center and Jewish charities.”

So what if Norman Braman is a billionaire.
Don’t we all aspire to have wealth?

Braman’s previous challenges in favor of taxpayers:
Braman has used his personal wealth to finance previous challenges of government tax hikes and spending plans. “People are suffering and our leaders aren’t listening. I see the misery and I feel the anger everywhere I go.”

● Braman organized his first anti-tax crusade in Miami…When voters rejected a one-cent sales tax increase for a new stadium, Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre pushed a tax plan to renovate the Orange Bowl. Braman paid for a $125,000 ad campaign — and the proposal was defeated by a 4-1 margin.
● In 1999, Braman financed a campaign against County Mayor Alex Penelas’ mid-summer proposal for a one-cent sales tax increase for transit improvements. Voters defeated it by a 2-1 margin.
● Braman tried to prevent public funding of the new Marlins stadium.
● Two years ago, Braman sued to stop a $3 billion city-county public works plan that he called a “shell game” for its use of anti-poverty money to help build a Marlins baseball stadium, museums, a port tunnel and to aid the performing arts center. Braman’s suit was rejected in court, but last month [Sept. 2010] his warning that Marlins ownership was bamboozling the public and commissioners about team finances proved prescient. While the Marlins were negotiating the deal, claiming they needed public money to stay afloat, the franchise’s income made it among the most profitable in baseball, leaked documents revealed.

Taxpayers respond to Alvarez paid advertisement promoting class envy:

Alvarez starts the ad by attacking Braman. He says Braman wants cuts here and there.
Spending cuts is what taxpayers want. Lower taxes! Less waste of our tax money!

Alvarez says that Norman Braman is not part of ‘the people’. Who is Alvarez to decide who belongs to ‘we the people’? We all are the people: rich, poor, middle class, etc.

Who cares if Norman Braman lives in a mansion or on an island where you need permission to enter!
You need permission to enter many apartment buildings. No more envy, please!

Who cares if Norman Braman lives 6 months in France! Braman pays with his money. People try to live according to their budget…except government.

If Braman only lives 6 months in Miami and wants the best for Miami, then that is worthy of admiration. Some people live in Miami year-round but are destroying it.

Alvarez’s paid advertisement on Spanish-language radio:

Following Alvarez’s logic, if you have money you’re not part of ‘the people’. Is Alvarez part of the people? Alvarez just like Braman lives well: He has a great house. He travels. He drives a luxury car…
…But Alvarez’s luxury car is paid by the taxpayer ($18,263 annually).

In 2009, Alvarez received $315,462 in wages and benefits:
$ 216,941 Base salary
$ 18,263 Car Allowance
$ 80,259 Benefits

Last report indicates Alvarez received nearly $350,000 as salary.

The difference between Alvarez and Braman is that Braman pays for his luxuries with his own money. Alvarez luxuries are financed by the taxpayers.

Private businesses produce wealth and jobs. Government breeds poverty (for taxpayers) and dependence (for those receiving social services).

Alvarez likes to tout his background as a police officer as if that erases his failures as a mayor or gives him a special status above others. All those who work serve this community. Being a policeman is a job for which they are paid a salary with benefits for life. Being a policeman is a job that Alvarez selected – no one forced him. Alvarez received a salary and pension benefits and super-generous health insurance FOR LIFE…all paid by the taxpayer. If you receive a salary it is not community service. Enough with trying to manipulate our hearts.

After all, this is not about Norman Braman. It is not about social classes. Nor envy. Nor hysteria.

This is about the fact that taxpayers have no money. Taxpayers are tired of paying high taxes to support unlimited number of people…and unions and politicians who enjoy big salaries / pensions and benefits…FOR LIFE!

Stop insulting, abusing and demonizing the taxpayer!


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