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REASONS TO RECALL MIAMI MAYOR CARLOS ALVAREZ and Commissioner Seijas (in videos)

Posted by FactReal on March 15, 2011

Still not sure if you should recall Mayor Alvarez and Commissioner Seijas?
Here are some reasons to vote ‘Yes’ to recall them.

Miami-Dade Mayor Alvarez and most commissioners participated in these failed and abusive policies:
Failed mayor: More taxes, more waste, higher county salaries, etc.
Mayor Alvarez raised property taxes by $178 million to give $132 million of it away in salary increases to county employee
At 3:48 a.m. on Sept. 24, 2010, Seijas and other 7 commissioners approved Alvarez’s budget to increasing property taxes while they gave salary raises to most MDC public employees.
$350,000 Salary for Mayor Alvarez
And each of the 13 commissioners receives $814,000 yearly.
Huge County Salaries
Mayor Alvarez has called for “shared sacrifices” in these hard times. But he gave his own staff raises up to 54%!
County high salaries: Employees earning over $100,000 and some over $200,000
County Transit Scandal
Union Campaigns On County Time For Alvarez and Seijas
Unions using taxpayer money to fight back the citizens’ recall efforts to fire Mayor Alvarez and Commissioner Seijas
$1 Billion on the Port Tunnel nobody really wants
$2.4 Billion to Fund Baseball Stadium
Mayor Alvarez gave $340 million in tax money to the Marlins Stadium. After interest costs it will increase to $2.4 billion – $4,000 for each MDC family of four, many of whom can’t even afford tickets to a game!
Norman Braman was right when he warned that “Marlins ownership was bamboozling the public and commissioners about team finances…While the Marlins were negotiating the deal, claiming they needed public money to stay afloat, the franchise’s income made it among the most profitable in baseball, leaked documents revealed.”
Two More Chances to Raise Taxes
If Mayor Alvarez remains in office, he will pass two more budgets in the remainder of his term — two more opportunities to raise our taxes and waste our money.
Alvarez Using Class Envy to Fight Recall Election
Alvarez demonizes Norman Braman for being successful and fails to mention that Braman is son of poor immigrants. But the recall is not about Braman, but about the failed policies of Alvarez and Seijas.
Seijas Mocked Taxpayers: Recall? Bring it on!
At the 9/24/2010 budget hearing and before voting to raise property taxes, commissioner Natacha Seijas laughed at the taxpayers’ recall efforts.
Commissioner Seijas walks out of her deposition
Dictators never want to answer to others. Commissioner Natacha Seijas walked out of her scheduled testimony in her OWN LAWSUIT seeking TO BLOCK HER RECALL ELECTIONS scheduled for March 15, 2011.
Why did she leave? Because a reporter was present.


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