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WAR: OBAMA BOMBS LIBYA (March 19, 2011)

Posted by FactReal on March 19, 2011

Updated by FactReal on March 22, 2011
U.S. leading the military operation against Libya
US Launches Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Against Gaddafi’s Air Defenses:
● The U.S. Navy on Saturday evening fired several Tomahawk cruise missiles at Libyan air defenses.
● Libyans have employed human shields in some locations.
● The Pentagon has named the mission Operation Odyssey Dawn.
● Libyans form Human Shield at Gaddafi’s Compound.
● Libyan television is now claiming that airstrikes have hit civilian areas in Tripoli.

Tomahawk cruise missiles being fired by the U.S. warship in the Mediterranean

Obama bombed Libya 8 years to the day that the US bombed Baghdad

Obama authorized military action against Libya

Will the Left question Obama about this Libyan War the same way they questioned Bush?
Will they ask Obama:
* What is our exit strategy in Libya?
* Did Obama order invasion to get Libya’s oil? (“No blood for oil!”)
* What is our mission there?
* What does victory look like in Libya?
* Does he care about the collateral damage?
* Did he get approval from Congress?
* Shouldn’t there be a 9-month debate before attacking?
* Should we attack a sovereign nation?
* Are we the world police?
* Should we attack Libya without a declaration of war?
* Can we afford this war?
* Can we fight so many wars at the same time?
* Will Libya be a quagmire?
* Should we attack Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi when he did not attack us?
* Is Obama now in favor of “nation building”?

UPDATE 3/20/2011:
Obama Bombs Libya Without Telling Congress:
“On Saturday, President Obama while visiting Brazil launched a United Nations war without obtaining Congressional approval. We all must remember how the left crucified President George W. Bush over a 9 month debate concerning war with Iraq. This debate included multiple UN Resolutions and a Multi-National Force composed of dozens of nations. Many refer to this time of debate as a “rush to war.” Yesterday however, President Obama approved the launch of Tomahawk missiles effectively engaging us in a Libyan civil war. This decision came with no debate in Congress and one UN Resolution that was only voted on 48 hours before.”

UPDATE 3/20/2011:
Rep. Allen West: Congress Not Consulted Before U.S. Attack on Libya (Video)

UPDATE 3/21/2011:
Qaddafi’s Compound in Tripoli Hit By Airstrike (Video)

UPDATE 3/22/2011:
U.S. F-15 Fighter Jet Down in Libya; Crew “Safe”


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