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FOX NEWS: Miami County Manager Earns as much as Obama

Posted by FactReal on March 23, 2011

Fox News’s Megyn Kelly and Stuart Varney talked yesterday about the outrageous $500k severance package former Miami-Dade County manager George Burgess will receive even though he resigned voluntarily after the voters’ recall of Mayor Carlos Alvarez.

WSVN reported:

“Tuesday afternoon, Fox news discussed Burgess’ so-called golden parachute. “Check out his exit package,” said a Fox news anchor. “County manager George Burgess is a happy man today.”

According to the terms of his exit package, Burgess will receive:
-a one year salary of $326,000
-a $3000 expense account per month until next March
-a $600 monthly car allowance, even though he already turned in his county vehicle
-plus, more than $158,000 in unused sick and vacation time.

Burgess’ contract was approved by the County Commission in 2003. “Mr. Burgess resigned, and he probably resigned knowing the terms of the contract that he would be paid because of it,” said a Fox News reporter.

(Click image for video)
RAW TRANSCRIPT of Megyn Kelly and Stuart Varney discussion:
FNC’s America Live show aired on Tuesday, March 22, 2011:
(It’s not a great format but at least gives us an idea of the discussion)
00:07:07 A stunning follow-up on a story we first brought you last week.
00:07:12 Voters in miami-dade county voting overwhelmingly — we’re talking 88% — to recall their mayor, punishing carlos alvarez for hiking property taxes while raising salaries for unionized public employees at the same time.
00:07:31 Mayor alvarez’s number two just lost his job.
00:07:38 See, he will rake in $326,000 salary next year, almost as much money as the president makes.
00:07:49 Burgess is entitled to a $3,000-a-month expense account, $600 car allowance and $158,000 in unused sick time.
00:08:04 Joining us now, stu varney.
00:08:06 Are you kidding me?
00:08:07 >> What stands out is that $158,000 cash payment for unused sick pay and vacation dates.
00:08:15 That’s very common in public service, almost unknown in the private sector.
00:08:22 Megyn: county administrator?
00:08:23 He’s making almost as much as barack obama.
00:08:27 >> Right.
00:08:28 How are the homeowners of miami-dade county supposed to feel?
00:08:32 They’ve had much of their wealth wiped out because their home prices have fallen through burgess raised property taxes on them.
00:08:40 he had to pay for his salary somehow.
00:08:46 >> Sarcasm is a low form of wit, megyn.
00:08:50 are you calling me a dim wit?
00:08:53 >> Now they have to pay $158,000 for unused sick day.
00:09:01 There will be a wave of public sentor layoffs across the country.
00:09:06 This will happen time after time.
00:09:07 it depends on how lucrative the contract is that the public employee signed.
00:09:12 And I guess we owe thanks to the mayor for signing this deal?
00:09:16 >> Yes, but could it change the calculus?
00:09:20 When this happens across the country, and stricken homeowners are expected to pay this bonus, $158,000, are they going to be pro-unions?
00:09:32 Will they feel sorry for the unions?
00:09:33 I think not.
00:09:35 It could change the political calculus.
00:09:37 I’m confused on the — we ticked off the salaries and what not.
00:09:41 What I read in the wires is that he was getting $326,000 — >> that’s his salary.
00:09:52 Megyn: and $3,000 in expenses.
00:09:53 He gets to use his expense account if he’s fired?
00:09:59 >> They’re obliged to pay him that.
00:10:07 if you are a good lawyer, you draft a contract saying, you cannot spend county money on anything other than county business.
00:10:14 >> That assumes that the person that drew up the contract was on the side of the taxpayer.
00:10:20 That’s an untrue assumption.
00:10:23 burgess resigned in the wake of the recall of the mayor, which is even worse.
00:10:27 He will get this stuff and he left voluntarily.
00:10:31 >> He probably resigned knowing the terms of the contract that he would be paid off because of it
00:10:45 >> Remember the top job in new york, she walked away with $194,000 cash payment for unused sick days, as they were laying off teachers because they didn’t have enough money.
00:10:59 Megyn: that’s unbelievable, stu.
00:11:00 Thank you.

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