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MIAMI SCANDAL: $500,000 Severance Pay for Outgoing County Manager George Burgess

Posted by FactReal on March 23, 2011

Burgess (L), Alvarez (R)

Is this how these public employees serve the community?

Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess resigned hours after Mayor Carlos Alvarez was overwhelmingly recalled by voters last week.

It is believed that Burgess is the Wizard of Oz behind Carlos Alvarez. Burgess “stood behind most of the decisions that cost Alvarez his job, including union deals that handed raises to cops and firefighters and a property tax hike for thousands of Dade homeowners.”

Burgess is leaving with a very nice golden parachute paid by taxpayers: “A severance paycheck of $326,000 and $160,000 of unused vacation and sicktime. He will receive $40,000 in deferred compensation and $3,000 [monthly] for expenses and $600 [monthly] for car allowance among other expenses.”

Miami Herald provided the details:

Burgess — who resigned within hours of Mayor Carlos Alvarez’s resounding defeat in a recall election Tuesday — will be paid severance of one year of base salary, $326,340, plus deferred compensation of $22,000.

The 52-year-old career bureaucrat and his family will get medical and dental coverage until he’s 65 years old, under a county “Departure Incentive Program’’ that is available to select employees.

Unused sick time of about $79,892 and accumulated vacation pay of about $78,777 will be included in his next paycheck, according to the county human resources director Mary Lou Rizzo.

During the one-year severance period — which runs March 21, 2011, to March 18, 2012 — he will also get an expense allowance of $3,000 a month and a car allowance of $600 a month. Burgess opted to return the car the county leased on his behalf, but he’s still entitled to the car allowance.

And he will get an annual sum of $10,000 in executive benefits, paid out biweekly over the coming year. For 2012, he’s entitled to one final $8,000 payment to cover the premiums on a life insurance policy and a disability policy; he’s already gotten that annual payment for 2011, said Rizzo.

Video: http://www.local10.com/video/27271428/index.html


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