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Democrat Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Bans Soda, OKs Alcohol

Posted by FactReal on April 12, 2011

Via Mark Levin/FNC:

“Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has banned soda, sports drinks and sweetened ice teas from city property, according to a recent government press release.

In an attempt to reduce the city’s rising obesity rates, Menino has banned all sugary drinks from city vending machines, cafeterias and concession stands, just one day after reaching an agreement with the Boston Red Sox that allows the team to sell mixed drinks at its ballpark. (…)

Meanwhile, Menino has signed off on a proposal that will allow Fenway Park to sell mixed drinks during baseball games, according to The Boston Globe. (…)

According to the plan, liquor would only be served in five areas of the ballpark, and liquor sales will stop two hours after the game begins (beer will continue to be sold for another half-hour beyond that).”

One Response to “Democrat Boston Mayor Thomas Menino Bans Soda, OKs Alcohol”

  1. It is really hard to believe that Massachusetts was once a bastian of freedom . ” During and right after the revolutionary war . “

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