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KILLER UNION SALARIES: $96,000 Average Salary for Ohio Education Assoc. (OEA) Employees

Posted by FactReal on April 12, 2011

Via Jason Hart at thathero (Hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

Ohio Education Association (OEA) employees earned $96,182.81 while employees in the private industry earned $40,000:

This picture “belies the union’s class warfare routine. But hey, let’s play their game: while the OEA continues lobbying for higher taxes, think about where your income lands on the chart above.”

“As compensation for churning out leftist inanity and forcing school districts into promises they cannot keep, OEA employees were paid an average of $96,182.81 from 09/01/2009 to 08/31/2010. The Ohio Education Association’s fiscal 2010 report to the Department of Labor lists 235 employees – nearly half were paid in excess of $100,000.” Others earned above $150k.

Jason Hart also reports that the OEA donates to leftists groups and the Democrat party.

Ergo, the Democrats’ sophisticated money laundering operation is complete: taxpayers pay the salary of public union employees, who then pay union dues – those dues are then used to donate to Democrats. Limbaugh explains how it works:

The union as a money laundering operation — public sector unions as money laundering operations for the Democrat Party — is now under assault. In Wisconsin, in Indiana, coming in Ohio, in New Jersey, it’s gonna be happening, ’cause the states don’t have any money. And now people are learning that the collective bargaining of public sector unions is simply stealing from the taxpayers of that state. There’s no “corporate interest” here that’s taking advantage of anybody. This is simply public sector unions stealing from taxpayers under the guise of collective bargaining. So they’re looking at this and they say, “We might lose this. We might have the flow of money from taxpayers who don’t want to contribute to us who end up donating to us via union salaries, cut.”

Here’s how this works to put this all in perspective, just so you understand. Start at the very beginning. You, Mr. Taxpayer, go out and you earn your salary. Pick a number. You earn $50,000 a year. You pay taxes on that. Your tax revenue goes to the federal government, goes to the state, goes to the city, wherever. The amount of money that goes to the state is then used for a bunch of reasons in the city. One of the reasons is paying people who are members of unions that work for your state. So your tax dollars are the sole source of income for state union employees. Your neighbors, they just happen to work for the state, are union members, so your tax dollars are the sole source of their income.

And you’ve now learned that their annual income and benefits package is twice what you who are not in a union make, and you are paying them. But after you pay them, it doesn’t stop there. After you pay, via your taxes, the salaries and benefits of all these unionized workers in your state, they are paying dues to the union. Those dues end up as campaign donations to Democrats. So even if you are a Republican nonunion member in a state, your tax dollars are going to the campaign coffers of the Democrat Party in your state, in Washington, and perhaps the Obama regime as well, via union dues, which are also being paid for by you.

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