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Raul Martinez and the Hialeah Absentee Ballot Scandal of 1993

Posted by FactReal on April 12, 2011

Forged voter signatures: (Sun Sentinel, March 11, 1994)
“Lax state laws permitting anyone to pick up unlimited amounts of absentee ballots for others have opened the door to corrupt “ballot brokers,” who offer candidates absentee votes in exchange for cash.

Forged voter signatures on absentee ballots turned up after a Nov. 9, 1993, election in Hialeah, prompting a probe by the Dade County state attorney, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI. Losing mayoral candidate Nilo Juri filed suit claiming fraud by followers of winning candidate Raul Martinez. Juri had led in the voting machine ballots, but Martinez narrowly won due to a a 2-1 margin in absentee ballots, many witnessed by his own campaign workers.”

Martinez’ campaign workers involved:
(Sun Sentinel of November 13, 1994)
A Dade County judge properly threw out the results of the Nov. 9, 1993, Hialeah mayor’s election, calling it tainted by absentee ballots forged by “unscrupulous” campaign workers. He ordered a new election Dec. 6, saying non-residents and even some mentally incompetent people voted.
His ruling came in a lawsuit by mayoral loser Nilo Juri claiming fraud. Juri lost by only 273 votes, due to a 2-1 margin in absentee ballots, many witnessed by winner Raul Martinez’ campaign workers.
And now, Raul Martinez wants to be Hialeah Mayor again!

One Response to “Raul Martinez and the Hialeah Absentee Ballot Scandal of 1993”

  1. Luis said

    there is more about Raul Martinez. In 1998 he punched Hank Goldberg of WQAM radio

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