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MIAMI CANDIDATE CARLOS GIMENEZ: BIO, VOTES, DONORS (Miami-Dade Mayoral Election – May 24, 2011)

Posted by FactReal on April 19, 2011

See latest Gimenez’s bio and record here.

Among the latest posts on mayoral candidate Carlos Gimenez’s record are:
NEW:Gimenez Will Receive a $5 MILLION PENSION Paid by Taxpayers
NEW:Gimenez Voted for Red Light Traffic Cameras
NEW:Gimenez Endorsed by Muslims, Gays, and Leftists
NEW:Gimenez Advanced the Gay Agenda
NEW:Gimenez Voted for SLOT MACHINES Contracts
NEW:Gimenez Wanted More Power for Commissioners

The post below was originally published on April 19, 2011. The last update was on May 17, 2011.

A quick view of this candidate’s experience, position on issues, legislations, votes, campaign finance, etc.
● Was Miami-Dade County commissioner for District 7 from November 2, 2004 through April 12, 2011 when he resigned to run for county mayor.
● Was City of Miami manager from May 2000 to January 2003.
● Spent 25 years with City of Miami Dept. of Fire-Rescue: Started as firefighter at the age of 20. Was Miami’s fire chief the last nine years at the dept. (1991 – 2000)
● Completed his Bachelor’s Degree in public administration in 1999 at Barry University – Miami.

NEW:Endorsed by union

● Was assigned vice-chair of the Commissioners’ Regional Transportation Committee, which oversees the county’s transportation system — the same transportation system that was going to be modernized by the 2002 half-cent sales tax. Yes, the infamous half-penny sales tax that they were going to use to supposedly build new miles of bus service and 90-miles of new Metrorail extensions like the elusive East-West and North Corridors. (The East-West Corridor, the Metrorail extension that would run from the Miami International Airport to the FIU campus on 8 SW Street; and the North Corridor that would run north up to the Broward County line.) As of October 2010, they had collected almost $1.4 billion in transit surtax, but most was spent on bloated salaries, excessive staff and maintenance of existing operations. The county and the cities have misspent these tax dollars.

Proposed or co-sponsored legislations:

A Conservative?
Although Gimenez and the local media want to convince Miamians that Gimenez is conservative, his record shows a different picture. Would a conservative sponsor these leftist proposals:

Raise Commissioners’ Salaries
(Commissioners already get $55,388 in benefits + perks + $1 million budget, etc.)
On 3/25/2011 commissioners Heyman and Bell sponsored the latest amendment for the May 24 ballot to raise commissioners’ salary, but Gimenez has been proposing this raise in the past:
To raise commissioners’ salaries (PDF) in 10/29/2010 – but it was withdrawn 11 days later. 
To raise commissioners’ salaries, 7/18/2008
To raise commissioners’ salary (PDF), 11/6/2007

More Power to the Commissioners
 – To return to the commission the powers previously transferred to the Mayor (PDF), 5/10/2010

Red-Light Cameras at Intersections
To install Red Light Cameras (PDF), 10/7/2009
To install Red Light Cameras (PDF), 6/24/2008
To use Red Light Cameras at intersections (PDF), 9/25/2007
To install cameras at intersections (PDF), 11/2/2006

Limit Amendment #2 – Right to bear arms
To impose an assault weapons ban (PDF), 9/17/2007

Telling People What Not to Eat
To prohibit county from using Trans Fat (PDF), 2/28/2007
To ban Trans Fats in restaurants (PDF), 2/16/2007

More Taxes
To eliminate loop hole preventing property transfers to be taxed (PDF), 2/6/2007

Global Warming
(There is plenty of info demonstrating that Global Warming is a hoax, Gimenez still insisted in furthering this manipulative and failed agenda)
To join the Chicago Climate Exchange to reduce greenhouse gas (PDF), 2/5/2007
To seek grants for ethanol fleet vehicles to encourage demand for alternative fuels (PDF), 2/1/2007
To give tax exemption for solar energy (PDF), 1/2/2007
To create Climate Change Advisory Task Force, 4/13/2006
To support development of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, 3/30/2006

To call for special election to authorize slot machines, 1/24/2005

– Voted against raising property taxes as proposed by then-mayor Carlos Alvarez, 9/23/2010
– Voted for Michelle’s Obama intrusive campaign with the misleading title “Communities Putting Prevention to Work” to supposedly combat obesity (that is, to tell us what to eat, drink, buy…), 10/5/2010 (Votes)
This sound very altruistic, but don’t be fooled. Politicians are infringing on our private lives and on our parental rights ever so more: School officials ban lunches from home…and confiscate snacks, Boston Mayor bans soda, NY State won’t allow kids to play kickball but gives them condoms, Michelle Obama tells restaurants to cut the butter…and hide the French fries, etc.

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive…those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. — C.S. Lewis

Here is the Truth behind Michelle Obama’s Obesity Campaign — it’s a power grab masquerading as a public health crusade.

NEW:Voted for Amnesty for illegals and against SB1070 Arizona law
NEW:Voted against offshore oil drilling
Donations to his 2011 campaign for Miami-Dade County Mayor:
● Via Miami-Dade Election Department’s Voter Focus

Donations to his campaigns for Miami-Dade County Commissioner:
2004 | 2008

Info for the May 24th election in Miami-Dade County:
All Mayoral Candidates: Biography, donors, record, votes…
Amendments’ Analysis

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  2. Lydia said

    Thank you so much for your help. I was trying to figure out if Carlos Gimenez was liberal enough for my vote; and he is. I’ll tell all my friends.


    Keep abortion legal!!!

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