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MIAMI CANDIDATE FARID A. KHAVARI: BIO, DONORS, PROPOSAL (Miami-Dade Mayoral Election – May 24, 2011)

Posted by FactReal on April 26, 2011

Updated by FactReal on May 8, 2011
A quick view of this candidate’s experience, campaign finance, proposals, etc.
● Actual name: Farid Akhtarekhavari (Born in Iran)
● Graduated in Economics in Germany.
● Endorsed by Socialist presidential candidate. (Scroll down for details)
● Has a Pro-Castro Policy. (Scroll down for details)
● Environmentalist.
● Entrepreneur in solar energy and “alternative” medical spa.
● Received only $9,600 as income from Arfa International, Inc. according to his public financial papers.
Endorsed by Socialist Brian Moore, the 2008 Socialist Party presidential candidate:

Marxist Brian Moore (right) with Farid Khavari (left) and his wife, Janilla Khavari (center) after the endorsement ceremony (10/3/2010)

NEW: Video: Socialist Endorsing Khavari
● Ran unsuccessfuly as a Democrat and later as ‘No Party Affiliation’ for Florida governor in 2010:
Source: Gubernatorial campaign documents: Look at his first PDF document dated 06/19/09 titled ‘Candidate Appt of Campaign Treasurer‘ – here is a snapshot of that document’s heading:
Khavari’s banner as Democrat candidate for Governor
(Event in Miami, July 2009.)
Proposes a government-run bank EVEN THOUGH it was government intervention that created the 2008 economic crisis. (Report| Videos)

Can you imagine this: The Miami-Dade commissioners or local politicians running a bank with OUR money!

Khavari proposes a bank run by government as a silver bullet to fix all our problems! Through this bank, Khavari says he will lower interest rates, reduce property taxes, create jobs, etc. But we already learned that these apparent benevolent policies promoted by big-government politicians is what led to the 2008 economic meltdown: To supposedly make homes more affordable for lower- and middle-income Americans, government created the government-sponsored enterprises of Fannie-Mae and Freddie Mac and implemented the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) signed into law by Jimmy Carter and then expanded by Bill Clinton forcing banks to give loans to borrowers with poor credit ratings. Financial firms bought huge packages of loans from Fannie & Freddie because they were guaranteed by government and this “absolved lenders, mortgage bundlers and investors of any concern over the obvious risk. As Bloomberg reported: “It is a classic case of socializing the risk while privatizing the profit.”” When this artificial bubble exploded and thousands of subprime borrowers could no longer pay their mortgages, foreclosures increased dramatically which led to the mortgage meltdown and the financial crisis.

These leftist “do-good” policies continue to keep the economy down. Democrats recently passed the financial “reform” law (which Obama was happy to sign) to supposedly protect the customers. But the reality is that free-checking accounts are disappearing as a consequence of this law: “The so-called financial “reform” bill that passed Congress — the Dodd-Frank Act — is wiping out many free checking accounts, since many banks can’t afford its red tape unless they either charge a monthly fee, or require a minimum balance of well over $1,000.”

Khavari proposes more government when voters want less government. No wonder he only received 0.1% of the vote in last year’s gubernatorial race.

Proposes environmental economics BUT even his peers call it “exaggerated and unsupported claims” and “conclusions based on assertion” where he dismisses other factors or the consequences of his proposals.

Economic Geography, a professional peer-reviewed journal, analyzed Khavari’s book Environomics: The Economics of Environmentally Safe Prosperity where Khavari argues that present forms of economic growth degrade the environment and where he seeks to promote “environmentally friendly” economic growth.

After reviewing Khavari’s book, his peers found major flaws: 1 | 2

“There are no footnotes, and hardly any real numbers are used. Conclusions are based on assertion…offered without any proof of its vialibity or much…”

“One of the more extreme proposals in the book is that interest rates be eliminated completely…However, it would also reduce the income of those dependent on savings, lead to a flight of investment capital to other countries, drive down the value of the dollar and raise the prices of imported goods, accelerating inflation. The possibility that paying zero interest might somehow reduce the funds available for investment is dismissed…would savers lend their savings to U.S. borrowers at zero interest, or keep them in the United States if borrowers in other countries paid interest?…The issue of inflation is also discounted, since the wonders of environomics “recession, unemployment, and inflation would cease.” This is unsupported by any serious evidence or argument, and perfectly illustrates the disappointing nature of the book.

…[E]xaggerated and unsupported claims made throughout the book. I would certainly not recommend it to others (except as an example of how not to make a convincing argument).”

NEW:Has a Pro-Castro Policy

Donations to his 2011 campaign for Miami-Dade County Mayor:
● Via Miami-Dade Election Department’s Voter Focus

Donations to his 2010 campaign for Florida governor:
● Via Florida’s Div. of Elections

Info for the May 24th election in Miami-Dade county:
The other Mayoral Candidates: Biography, donors, record, votes…
Analysis of the 6 Proposed Amendments

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  1. […] Khavari – A Socialist? As reported previously, Khavari was endorsed by Marxist Brian Moore, the 2008 Socialist Party presidential candidate. And there is more about Khavari’s leftist tendencies: Khavari’s Pro-Castro policy, and his proposed public bank is a socialist idea. […]

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