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MIAMI CANDIDATE ROOSEVELT BRADLEY: A Lobbyist with Ethical Problems (Miami-Dade Mayoral Election – May 24, 2011)

Posted by FactReal on April 28, 2011

Who is Miami Mayoral Candidate Roosevelt Bradley?
Bradley wants to be the next mayor of Miami-Dade County, but he is the poster child for what is wrong in the county. He was the Miami-Dade Transit director fired in 2007 for nepotism, irregular hiring practices, overtime costs, and mismanagement.1 Bradley has denied these charges, but there was more. Bradley became a lobbyist and participated in unethical and questionable activities with then-Commissioner Dorrin Rolle.

Bradley is a Lobbyist
Although liberals love to demonize lobbyists, they don’t have a problem in being one. Roosevelt Bradley is a registered lobbyist according to Miami-Dade’s public records:2
7942 NW 164 TERRACE

Unethical activities between Bradley and former Miami-Dade Commissioner Dorrin Rolle3:
In 2008 Mr. Rolle partnered with lobbyist Mark Coats and former county transit director Roosevelt Bradley to form a consulting firm. Both Messrs. Coats and Bradley also are consultants for Sinapsis Trading USA, a Coral Gables company seeking to win the hotly contested bag-wrapping contract at Miami International Airport [MIA].

Mr. Rolle chairs the county’s airport and seaport committee, which oversees MIA and therefore the bag-wrapping contract. In April and June 2009 he ran committee meetings where the luggage-wrap contract was on the agenda.

The county’s ethics laws forbid commissioners from participating in or voting on matters that involve a fellow “officer, director or partner.” State law says elected officials shouldn’t vote on measures that “would inure to the special private gain or loss of a relative or business associate.” The rules couldn’t be clearer.

Yet Mr. Rolle consulted neither the county attorney nor the county’s ethics commission before presiding over those meetings. If he had, both would have likely told him that he had a glaring conflict of interest.

Mr. Rolle’s partners — who didn’t check with the county attorney or ethics commission, either — claim that nothing ever came of the business they incorporated. That makes no difference: A legal partnership is just that, whether it succeeds or not.

More Shenanigans from Roosevelt Bradley4
Bradley was forced out as Miami-Dade Transit director in 2007 amid frustrations over the agency’s operations. Among the criticisms were patronage and irregular hiring practices, and a Miami Herald investigation found that Bradley once hired Rolle’s daughter.

Bradley subsequently became a consultant last year for Crown Global Services, which is Sinapsis’ minority bidder. Coats has been a registered lobbyist for Sinapsis since September 2008.

The multimillion-dollar luggage wrapping deal…has long attracted intense lobbying.

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Info for the May 24th election in Miami-Dade county:
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