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Roosevelt Bradley Used Taxmoney to Give Jobs to Friends & Relatives (Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on May 1, 2011

Roosevelt Bradley as Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) director used the 2002 half-penny sales tax increase to give jobs and promotions to friends, relatives and those well-connected with prominent local politicians.

The infamous half-cent sales tax approved by voters in 2002 was supposed to bring Miami-Dade’s transit system into the 21st century with new Metrorail and bus lines. But those transit-tax revenues were used instead to pay for MDT employees’ bloated salaries and benefits, according to a 2008 Herald investigation.1

From Nov. 2002 through 2008, MDT’s payroll increased 63%. “Transit’s payroll grew by 1,000 new workers in the first year after the tax was approved. Under Bradley — who served from 2002 until he was fired last year [2007] — the agency also reclassified hundreds of existing jobs, boosting base salaries, overtime and fringe benefits…Between 2002 and 2004, according to a financial analyst’s report, the agency’s annual operating expenses grew 32 percent, from $343.6 million to $454.6 million. Labor made up about 70 percent of the expenses.”2

Under Bradley’s tenure, favoritism and irregular hiring practices became the norm.

Roosevelt Bradley brought relatives and friends into Miami-Dade Transit through a side-door contract with temporary hiring agencies and eventually placed them in full-time jobs. “One of the ways that preferred candidates were given a leg up in the hiring process at Miami Dade Transit was to bring them into the agency via temporary labor staffing agencies for jobs specifically requested by the director’s office. After six months, all temp employees received preferential treatment when they applied for full-time county jobs.”3 Relatives and aides of public officials also received preferential treatment.

Some of the benefactors were relatives and friends of Roosevelt Bradley and other prominent Democrats:1,3

Connection: Cousin of then-MDT Director Roosevelt Bradley

Title:Bus superintendent
Hired:August 1998

Jones was hired as a bus driver in 1998, when his cousin, Roosevelt Bradley, was assistant transit director. Jones was promoted to a bus traffic controller job in March 2003, shortly after Bradley became director. In May 2005, Jones was briefly demoted amid allegations of creating a hostile work environment for a female employee he supervised. He was re-promoted to a bus superintendent’s job in another division two months later — a move that county employee relations investigators later described as ill-advised. Jones resigned three weeks later, in February 2007.

Wade Jones is now an associate to Bradley’s current business, MAVEN STRATEGIES LLC.4

Connection: Cousin of then-MDT Director Roosevelt Bradley

Title:Bus operator
Hired:May 2004

Jaghai is a distant cousin by marriage of former transit director Roosevelt Bradley. She was initially brought into the transit agency via a temporary hiring agency and eventually placed in a full-time job.

Connection: Cousin of then-MDT Director Roosevelt Bradley

Title:Bus maintenance control clerk
Hired:September 2004

Jaghai is a distant cousin by marriage of former transit director Roosevelt Bradley. He was initially brought into the transit agency via a temporary hiring agency and eventually placed in a full-time job.

Connection: Cousin of then-MDT Director Roosevelt Bradley

Title:Bus maintenance technician
Hired:January 2004

Jaghai is a distant cousin by marriage of former transit director Roosevelt Bradley. He was initially brought into the transit agency via a temporary hiring agency and eventually placed in a full-time job.

Connection: Cousin of then-MDT Director Roosevelt Bradley

Title:Clerk 4
Hired:March 2004

Jaghai is a distant cousin by marriage of former transit director Roosevelt Bradley. She was initially brought into the transit agency via a temporary hiring agency and eventually placed in a full-time job.

Connection: Friend of friend of then-MDT Director Roosevelt Bradley

Title:Transit security manager
Hired:October 2005

Fullington was hired to a sensitive security division job via a temporary labor contract in 2005. Her husband worked for South Florida workforce executive director Marian Smith, a personal friend of then-Transit Director Roosevelt Bradley. She was fired in November 2005 after she was arrested on a grand theft warrant for stealing from her previously employer, a Broward hospital. An inspector general’s report in 2006 slammed the agency for: failing to conduct a proper background check; setting her $62,000 salary in the middle of the payrange instead of the $49,000 starting point; creating a sham competitive selection process with 105 candidates who weren’t interviewed; and tailoring the job requirements to match Fullington’s 9th-grade education.

It seems that Bonnie Todd, then-MDT’s chief of safety and security, was the whistleblower and Bradley retaliated against her: “Bradley had gotten himself into hot water after Beatrice Fullington, a felon with a ninth-grade education, was mysteriously appointed to a security management position. The Office of Inspector General investigated and found Bradley largely responsible for the hiring…Sources say Bradley began harassing Todd and others almost immediately after the investigation began, threatening firings for ‘lack of loyalty.’ Todd ‘contended that she was terminated for participating with the investigation,’ said Lee Kraftchick, chief of employment discrimination and labor at the County Attorney’s Office.'”5

“The Fullington investigation had further fallout. Bradley subsequently fired one of the inspector general’s key witnesses, safety and security director Bonnie Todd. Todd filed an unfair labor practices complaint. On the eve of her hearing, she was rehired into another position of equal stature at the transit agency at the same pay level.”6

Here is the 2006 Inspector General investigation.7

Connection: Former aide to U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek (Democrat)8 Roosevelt Bradly has donated to her son, Kendrick Meek (Democrat).

Title:Transit security program supervisor
Hired:March 2004

Wellons is a retired Miami police detective and former aide to U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek. Implicated in the 1997 city of Miami vote-fraud scandal, Wellons was granted immunity and testified under oath that he received a plastic bag filled with $3,000 in cash from lobbyist Steve Marin to distribute to people campaigning for former mayor Xavier Suarez. Marin denied it and was never charged. Wellons was hired at transit via a temporary agency in 2004 and became a full-time worker later that year.

Connection: Friend of lobbyist and confidant of then-Commissioner Barbara Carey-Shuler (Democrat)9

Title:Track shop supervisor
Hired:December 2003

Maurice Williams, self-proclaimed mastermind behind fuel farm thefts at Miami International Airport, hired as a rail track repair supervisor in 2003 despite an extensive criminal past. Williams admitted in depositions that he received $300 a week in kickbacks from lobbyist Antonio Junior, a County Hall confidante of Commissioner Barbara Carey-Shuler, and from other fuel farm employees who were continuing to steal the fuel. Williams received immunity from prosecution in the fuel farm case as a whistleblower who helped investigators convict others. Williams also said he pocketed more than $50,000 in kickbacks from others who were convicted in the scandal. He admitted he had been purchasing ounce-sized quantities of cocaine in Miami and driving them in rental cars to his hometown, Troy, Alabama. One of Williams’ fuel-farm colleagues was murdered in a drug-deal-gone-sour.

Connection: Daughter of then-County Commissioner Dorrin Rolle (Democrat). Rolle was also chairman of the Transit Committee and member of the Regional Transportation Committee. Also, Roosevelt Bradley and Commissioner Rolle had unethical business deals.

Title:Personnel technician, civil rights and labor relations
Hired:July 2003

Less than a year after voters passed the half-cent sales tax, Curtis was hired to fill a personnel technician opening in the civil rights and labor relations office in July 2003. Records show that she started out at in the middle of the payscale despite being a new hire. Her 2002 salary was $12,310, but in 2007 it had increased to $42,542 plus $1,018 in overtime.

Connection: Son of then-Commissioner Barbara Carey-Shuler (Democrat)9

Title:Chief superintendent rail traffic control
Hired:August 1993

Carey was a rail traffic controller and computer programmer. In October 2005 — while his mother was still on the commission — he was promoted from a tech support analyst to a higher-paying position as chief superintendent of rail traffic control. His mother resigned in December 2005. Two months later, Transit Director Roosevelt Bradley reclassified Carey and three other chief superintendents in rail traffic control from the supervisors union to an exempt, upper management status — and a higher payscale. He received two big bumps in a three-month period right after his mother gave up her seat in 2005. The result of the promotion and the reclassificaiton: Carey’s pay was boosted 63% between 2002 and 2007 — that is, from $70,761 to $115,427 annual salary.

Connection: Son of former state Representative10 and current Miami-Dade School Board member Wilbert “Tee” Holloway (Democrat).11

Title:Administrative officer 1
Hired:November 2004

Holloway was brought into the transit bus operations division via a temporary hiring agency and later became a full-time employee writing reports and investigating customer complaints. On his temporary employment application Holloway said he resigned in lieu of termination from his previous job as a corrections officer at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. BSO records, however, show Holloway was fired after failing a random drug test.

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