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Posted by FactReal on May 3, 2011

Khavari Loved by Marxist Brian Moore
Farid Khavari, who wants to be Miami-Dade County’s next mayor, run unsuccessfully for Florida governor last year. He initially ran as Democrat but switched to “Independent” or “No Party Affiliation” (NPA) when it became clear that Alex Sink would obtain the Democrat nomination. Khavari was endorsed by Marxist Brian Moore, the 2008 Socialist Party presidential candidate.
Who is Marxist Brian Moore?

Khavari (L) with Marxist Brian Moore (R)

Sunshine State News (July 1, 2010):
Brian “Moore ran for Congress in 2002 and 2004…in 2008, was the presidential nominee of the Socialist Party. Calling himself “more liberal, more progressive, more left-leaning” than [Alex] Sink, Moore said…”

St. Petersburg Times (October 8, 2010):
“Hernando County’s Brian P. Moore, a former Socialist who won 23 percent of the vote in a Democratic gubernatorial primary this year against Sink, picked up on this theme in his endorsement of independent candidate Farid Khavari.”

Moore ran as Democrat for Florida governor in 2010 but lost against Alex Sink in the Democrat primary. Moore did not endorse Alex Sink for the general election; he endorsed Farid Khavari. Moore saw Khavari’s proposals closer to his socialist views.

Why would a Marxist like Brian Moore endorse Khavari?
Well, Khavari’s main proposal is a government-run bank. When Khavari was running for governor, he called his proposed state bank, “Bank of the State of Florida.” Now that he is running for Miami-Dade mayor, he has tailored the name to “Miami-Dade Citizen’s Bank.” A government-run bank was also a core issue of Marxist Brian Moore‘s gubernatorial campaign last year.

Do we want government managing our money? Government is the problem – not the answer. Jackson Memorial Hospital is a money-losing public entity facing an annual loss of $100 million this year. How about the scam and failure of Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) and the half-penny sales tax? Where are all those Metrorail lines that were promised by government bureaucrats? Miami Dade Transit used the sales tax increase to give jobs to friends. With so many corrupt politicians in Miami, who would want politicians or bureaucrats running a public bank with our money?

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