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Posted by FactReal on May 4, 2011

Updated by FactReal on May 16, 2011
A quick view of this candidate’s experience, campaign finance, donations, etc.
Gabrielle Redfern
● Bicycling activist
● Former candidate for Miami Beach City Commission:
She lost in 2005 and in 2009.

Breastfed in public while running for Miami Beach commissioner (April, 2005):

She decided to breastfed her daughter during Miami Beach Mayor David Dermer’s State of the City address. Thereafter, she heard about some critical e-mails. As a counterattack, 16 members of the La Leche League (The Milk League) and other supporters turned up and breastfed their children at a Miami Beach Commission meeting.
(More here: http://www.local10.com/news/4399150/detail.html)

Environmentalist, Democrat and pro-union:
– Member of the environmentalist group the Urban Environment League (UEL) where she served as VP of Operations (2006-2008)

– Member of Miami Beach Democratic Club where she served as the Program Committee Chair (2006-2007).
Today’s Democrat Party is mainly dominated by leftists. You have to a reliable leftist to be allowed at a Democrat club and to be their Program Committee Chair.

– Said she will stand with the unions when she was running for Miami Beach commissioner in 2009:
“I’m not going to be the commissioner who stands up against the unions. I’m going to be the commissioner who stands with the unions,” to work together on solving the city’s problems, Redfern said. It is obvious that Redfern will not try to fix the problems caused by the excessive pensions and benefits public union members are receiving for life (!!) — primarily paid by taxpayers who don’t have anyone representing them at the collective bargaining table. Taxpayers need a leader who will fix the abusive union contracts.

details here.

Environmentalist disguised as bike activist who wants Americans to use bikes instead of cars:
– Known as the cycling-obsessed candidate
– Campaigns for environmental issues such as bike lanes in Miami Beach
– Wants more people using public transportation
– Wants green buildings and walk paths
– Doggedly chases local leaders in favor of bike projects
– Sees problems through the prism of the environment and transit
– Wants Miamians out of their cars
– Sees parking lots as a problem. No parking areas make her happy
– Has proposed to remove the full lane devoted to on-street parking
– Wants preferential treatment for bikes and bicyclists
– Linked to environmentalist group Green Mobility Network which promotes the radical leftist agenda of the Sierra Club

details here

Contributions and documents of her 2011 campaign for Miami-Dade County Mayor

Info for the May 24th election in Miami-Dade County:
Other Mayoral Candidates: Biography, donors, record, votes…
Amendments’ Analysis
…more to come

One Response to “MIAMI CANDIDATE GABRIELLE REDFERN: BIO, DONORS, PROPOSAL (Miami-Dade Mayoral Election – May 24, 2011)”

  1. TW Stone said

    Hi Gabby, I voted for you recently.

    But I need your help. I sent this letter to all MB and Commissioners:

    Dear Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and City Commissioners:

    As a Realtor, and Broker Associate who works out of a Real Estate office at 14th and Washington, I call for an immediate five year moratorium on all Urban Weekend permits held on Memorial Day or any other day of the year.

    * * *

    For many years we the citizens of Miami Beach and South Beach have questioned and been silent about the crowds that spend no money, stay in no hotels, and eat at no restaurants at the onset of Memorial Day weekend.

    We have allowed millions to be spent trying to protect the businesses and shop-keepers and citizens and visitors to this area in what began years ago as a harmless “Urban Fashion Weekend!”

    We no longer will support your Governmental blind eye and allow you to issue permits for the Urban Weekend that brings gangs, shooters, criminals, free and open consumption of alcohol and drugs in the streets of our city.

    We will no longer accept the blind eye that allows public drunkenness, indecent exposure and criminal behavior and gun fights in our streets.

    We demand you make a public statement to stop this mayhem and end the Urban Weekend, period.

    We want your office to issue no further permits for large groups on this weekend and enforce the laws governing the behaviors of consumption of alcohol and drugs on our streets which you clearly turn a blind eye.

    Any other week of the year if a persons walks down Washington Avenue with an open alcohol container or drink he or she would be forced to pour it out and throw it away. ON the beach there is a sign outlawing open consumption of alcohol, and yet you do not direct your city’s law enforcement personnel to uphold the law. Why?

    The answer is that if you did the killings and mayhem of last night would not have occurred!

    YOU Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and City Commissioners and your predecessor have allowed South Beach to be a Mecca for mayhem and lawlessness in large part due to your fear of being seen as politically incorrect.

    We can no longer allow our fear of being branded as unwelcoming to visitors, than we can allow hoodlums – of any race, to come to our City and shoot-it-out as if we were a gangland.

    YOU may try to say that you are not responsible, but YES, Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and City Commissioners you are responsible!

    NO other group that visits Miami Beach and South Beach requires every off duty Cop in the State nor requires all Miami-Dade County Police personnel to be on duty.

    Shame on you Mayor!

    Shame on the commissioners!

    YOU both have allowed property values to plummet along with your reelection possibilities!

    My clients who moved to the beach this weekend want to break their leases! I demand that you do something about this now lawlessnes and mayhem now.

    Make a public statement canceling all permitting for Memorial Day for the next 5 years. Make a statement saying that individuals who arrive next year and “party in the streets” will be arrested. Make a statement that no “crusing” or drug dealing or gun possession will be allowed and all violators will be arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law!

    We are a tourist destination! How much do we earn on Memorial Day Weekend? We make FAR less than we earn on other weekends or ever will earn in the future due in large part to your lack of oversight!

    Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and City Commissioners, I place the blame for this horrible tragedy on squarely your shoulders because you were too “politically correct” and not aware enough to understand that when you allow a million unregistered guests to “check into” our city and to mill about in the streets drinking, drugging and stirring up tensions – you threaten our livelihood.

    Where was your forethought? When will the gunfights spill into Lincoln Road or our hotels and residential areas?

    We hope and pray you will now end this May Day Mayhem and return the city to the taxpayers!

    If you choose to do nothing you’ll soon be fired by a vote as you deserve to be because as the Captains of this ship of a City that you have allowed us to be accosted by criminal and nefarious elements.

    Sure, this will be over by Tuesday, but how many tourists and potential buyers and renters outside the local blackout clamp-down on the media-zone that SoBe is so famous for, who live in other parts of the State or U.S. and in Europe, South America and South Africa will now steer away from us becuse you have allowed these urban gangsters an open door welcome?

    Mayor Matti Herrera Bower and City Commissioners I call on you all now, along with the many who have called upon me this morning asking for reassurances that our City is or still will be the safest community in Miami-Dade County, to disallow this Urban Weekend in the future.

    Respectfully supmitted,

    Thomas W. Stone.

    WE need to stop this Urban Weekend. If they feel we cannot then we need to make driving on Washington to Collins disallowed, and that all who wish to go into that area must pass through a gate. Gun dectors and searches like a concert at a stadium. NO Drinking in the Street, no milling about or just hanging out, you must have a seat at a restaurant or have a place to go, no more turning our streets into ghetto central for the benefit of GANGS!

    Please let me know when the Mayor and Commission meet. I want this plan presented.

    Thank yoiu,

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