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MIAMI CANDIDATE JOSE “PEPE” CANCIO: BIO, DONORS, PROPOSAL (Miami-Dade Mayoral Election – May 24, 2011)

Posted by FactReal on May 4, 2011

A quick view of this candidate’s experience, campaign finance, donations to other candidates, etc.
Jose “Pepe” Cancio
● Actual name: José Arturo Cancio (Born in Cuba)
● Former Miami-Dade County commissioner
(replaced commissioner Miriam Alonso)
● Former member of the community council in Doral
● Business executive: Owner of a concrete business
● Says he will serve as interim mayor until 2012 and won’t seek re-election (scroll down for details)
Contributions and documents of his 2011 campaign for Miami-Dade County Mayor
According to public records, Cancio has donated to both parties – Democrats and Republicans:

To: Democrat Barack Obama/Obama for America
03/31/2007 $2,300.00 27930594330
To: Democrat Alex Penelas for US Senate
12/22/2003 $2,000.00 24020060661
To: Democrat Maurice Ferre
03/02/2010 $250.00 10020224389
To: RINO* Charlie Crist for US Senate
04/14/2010 $800.00 10020502269
04/14/2010 $2,400.00 10020502269
To: RINO* John McCain for 2008 President
02/19/2008 $200.00 28990640802
03/13/2008 $200.00 28931231000
07/17/2008 $250.00 28991856958
To: Republican Marco Rubio for US Senate
07/02/2009 $350.00 10020050054
12/16/2009 $250.00 10020221831
To: Republican Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee
11/27/2007 $500.00 28990204469
To: Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for Congress
03/05/2010 $200.00 10930621807
09/28/2001 $500.00 22990336220
08/06/2003 $250.00 23992117502
10/11/2004 $500.00 24962678267
To: Mario Diaz-Balart for Congress
03/31/2008 $500.00 28990823593
12/28/2007 $1,000.00 28990153972

* RINO= Republican In Name Only

Cancio writes:
1. I am running for Mayor to complete the former mayor’s term (approximately 16 months) and will NOT run for any position in the 2012 elections.
2. Will support Charter Reform: 8 year term limits, a fair salary with no outside employment, easier recalls, and a strong mayor form government.
3. Will implement fair budgets with no tax increases and will “cut the fat” out of government.
4. Have a proven track record as the only CEO applying to be the County’s CEO and have also been dedicated to this community as a former “interim” County Commissioner (appointed by the Governor) and community council member elected by the people.
5. Will decrease size of county government.
6. Will make it easier for businesses to get licensed.
7. None of my children are lobbyists or will be candidates for Miami-Dade County in 2012.

Info for the May 24th election in Miami-Dade county:
The other Mayoral Candidates: Biography, donors, record, votes…
Analysis of the 6 Proposed Amendments
…more to come

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