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Posted by FactReal on May 8, 2011

Updated by FactReal on May 10, 2011
Meet the real Gabrielle Redfern
Member of the environmentalist group the Urban Environment League (UEL) where she served as VP of Operations (2006-2008)

The UEL’s mission is “to support environmentally responsible development…in urban Miami-Dade county by using advocacy, action, education and engagement in governmental planning and political processes.”

There are other pro-global-warming board members at UEL: John Van Leer, for example, is a member of the Miami-Dade County Climate Change Task Force; has campaigned for carbon dioxide reductions; is also on the Board of the Urban Environment League with interests in mass transportation, renewable energy and green building; spearheaded construction of a system of safe bicycle paths along the Rickenbacker Causeway requiring an additional lane on all three bridges; is co-advisor to “Living the Green Life” student organization, etc.

UPDATE: More on Redfern’s environmentalism.

Member of Miami Beach Democratic Club where she served as the Program Committee Chair (2006-2007).

Today’s Democrat Party is mainly dominated by leftists. You have to a reliable leftist to be allowed at a Democrat club and to be their Program Committee Chair.

Said she will stand with the unions when she was running for Miami Beach commissioner in 2009:
“I’m not going to be the commissioner who stands up against the unions. I’m going to be the commissioner who stands with the unions,” to work together on solving the city’s problems, Redfern said.

It is obvious that Redfern will not try to fix the problems caused by the excessive pensions and benefits public union members are receiving for life (!!) — primarily paid by taxpayers who don’t have anyone representing them at the collective bargaining table. Taxpayers need a leader who will fix the abusive union contracts.

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…more to come

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