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GABRIELLE REDFERN – An Environmentalist Disguised as Bike Activist? (Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on May 10, 2011

Redfern wants Americans to use bikes instead of cars.
Known as the cycling-obsessed candidate.3

Campaigns for environmental issues such as bike lanes in Miami Beach.4
Wants more people using public transportation:4
“The largest trouble with transit is that too few people use it and so few people that use it pay for it. This plan would attract more riders of choice to help pay for the system,” Redfern says. “Public transportation may not pay for itself in my lifetime, but there is no excuse to not change the paradigm in the future by making it more useable today.”
Wants green buildings and walk paths:3
As a candidate for Miami Beach Commission in 2009, Redfern proposed: “I plan to focus my colleagues on the commission to work with me to solve the transportation and parking problems that plague our city,” Redfern said. “We need to rethink our land development regulations to promote a healthy mix of historic preservation and new urbanism that promotes green buildings and walkable communities.”

Doggedly chases local leaders in favor of bike projects:2, 3
Redfern co-founded BASIC, Bicycle Advocates for a Safe, Integrated City, a group pushing for non-motorized transportation: “BASIC, a loosely organized group of advocates who doggedly chase local governments to include cycling in their transportation plans. They’re the ones who take off their bike helmets and work through every legal roadblock to better bike access.”

Sees problems through the prism of the environment and transit:4
The Lead, a Miami Beach publication friendly to Redfern, recently interviewed her:

“It is, however, obvious that Redfern’s main focus is the environment.

“Fixing public transportation is good for our environment. Making our cities more livable is good for the environment,” she says, as is “building for the future and taking into account the resources we need for safe and well-performing infrastructure such as water and sewer services.”

Finally though, Redfern is aware that it is the economy that grabs the public’s attention.
“Making Miami-Dade County shine, releasing her from the bondage of corruption, malfeasance and politically-based incompetence does good for the environment and also for the economy,” Redfern said. “We must take every opportunity to improve our economy.”

Redfern is constantly talking about the environment and transit. Even when she realizes she should be talking about the economy, Redfern goes back to her obsession and says freedom from corruption is “good for the environment.”

Wants Miamians out of their cars5
The environmentalist philosophy: No cars = Paradise.: “[E]nvironmentalists promulgate the idea that bicycling is the silver bullet to fix societal problems. There you have DecoBike, a new bike rental company in Miami Beach, promoting their bikes as the “future of transportation that could cure obesity and global warming…”

And what does Miami Beach’s bike-bully Gabrielle Redfern say: “And every person who is on a DecoBike is not in a car.’’”

Eco-socialists, “who want to control everything, detest the freedom the automobile has given to Americans. That is why socialists have dressed up as environmentalist crusaders to “fight global warming and save the world.””

DecoBike is pushing the environmentalist agenda:6
(Click images to enlarge them)

DecoBike’s slogan is green:
“Think GREEN and Ride Clean.”
DecoBike’s mission is green:
“It’s a GREEN program aimed at going back to basics, but in a new and exciting way. DECOBIKE replaces the need for cars and taxis for short, local trips. It’s here to save you time and money, as well as your body and planet.”
DecoBike’s top benefit is green:
“SAVE YOUR CITY. Go GREEN! Help clean the air and reduce pollution by greatly decreasing auto emissions.”
DecoBike’s facebook promoting global-warming-hysteria.
Sees parking lots as a problem. No parking areas make her happy.7
Of course, she dislikes parking lots – that is a backdoor tactic to eradicate the car.
A Miami pro-bicycling columnist wrote in 2007: “I joined self-described “local cranktivist” Gabrielle Redfern for a tour of the Beach’s bike lanes. It didn’t take long. “This was clearly the way the city thought they could make me shut up,” Redfern said cheerfully at the corner of 42nd Street and Sheridan Avenue, the start of the Beach’s first-ever bike lane, built in 2004. “Look at it: It’s a four-foot travel lane, no parking, well-striped.” But no sooner had she sung its praises than the lane vanished four blocks later.

Redfern was happy with the 4-foot bike lane and no parking for cars.

Has proposed to remove the full lane devoted to on-street parking:7
At a meeting with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) regarding bike lanes: “Winner of Most Chutzpa at an Obscure Semi-Public Meeting is bike activist and general rabble-raiser Gabrielle Redfern, who had the audacity to suggest that everyone could have their cake and eat it, too, if the team simply removed the full lane devoted to on-street parking. The idea caused a stir…“We cannot do that,” Adebayo T. Coker, FDOT District Project Development Engineer, stepped in quickly to say. “FDOT cannot remove on-street parking. The process for that is we have to be completely assured by the city that it will build a garage and that these parking places will be in place.”

Wants preferential treatment for bikes and bicyclists4
“Gabrielle Redfern had concerns regarding the design. The first being the location of the bicycle racks and their design…She pointed out that one of the major advantages of riding a bicycle is getting ‘rock star’ parking. “There really needs to be bicycle racks near the entrances of the bandshell that don’t obstruct pedestrians,” Redfern said…“We want to encourage people to come on their bicycles,” she said.”

Linked to environmentalist group Green Mobility Network:4
Here is Gabrielle Redfern at a meeting with the environmentalist-car-hating group Green Mobility Network.
Photo caption: “Sizing up the options
At Green Mobility Network’s visioning session in May 2010, Alexander Adams, white shirt, and (clockwise) Tom Blazejack, Eli Stiers, Olga Cano and Gabrielle Redfern discuss political action.”

On their facebook info page8, they explain their mission: “the Green Mobility Network uses education and information to promote bicycling, running and walking for daily transportation, leisure and fitness. We embrace the principals of Complete Streets and support public and high-speed transportation.” (Emphasis added) They like everything except cars.

Green Mobility Network also links to the enviro-radicals of the Sierra Club. It’s all a big green family.

(Click above for a larger image)
Don’t be fooled by the innocuous talk of these environmentalist crusaders disguised as bikers. This is how they see the world: No cars. Less Mobility. Less Freedom.
Read more about the Bikers’ Green Revolution.
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