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UNIONS 101: Public Unions and Their Negative Impact (Video)

Posted by FactReal on May 13, 2011

KILLER UNION SALARIES: $96,000 Average Salary for Ohio Education Assoc. (OEA) Employees
WI Avg. Teachers $56,500 Salary Plus $43,505 in Benefits…Paid by Taxpayers
MIAMI Police Officer to get Pension of $125,000 a Year for Life…Paid by Taxpayers
MIAMI COUNTY HIGH SALARIES: Employees earned over $100,000 in 2009-2010 (PDF list)
UNION FRAUD: Union Workers Campaigning on County Time for Miami Mayor
Obama Admin. Behind WI Union Protests
Former SEIU Union Official Plans to Destroy U.S. Financial System (Videos)
Leftists offer war and death to Wisconsin Republicans
Democrat to Unions: “Get out on the Streets and get a Little Bloody” (Video)


One Response to “UNIONS 101: Public Unions and Their Negative Impact (Video)”

  1. Over the years I have been in various unions based on where I worked and what my occupation was . The Unions were at one time necessary and protected the workers , but todays unions are no more than self perpetuating parasites devoted only to their own self enrichment and empowerment with no regard for their members outside of the dues they collect to further their political agenda . Furthermore , this agenda is to advance communism , a system of cultural enslavement ,rejected by all Americans that can remember the atrocities committed in its name and know it to be as far away from American culture as one can get .

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