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Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina’s GREEN INDOCTRINATION PROGRAM (Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on May 16, 2011

On the City of Hialeah’s Budget report for fiscal year 2010, Mayor Julio Robaina tells us about their Green Kids club and their “green” indoctrination camp program. (Remember, they mix reasonable conservation lingo with environmentalist fallacies to make it palatable). Here is Robaina’s message:
In addition to planting these trees, local schools were invited to participate; ensuring that future generations were educated on the significance of plants to the well being of the environment as well as instill in children the habit of conserving and protecting Hialeah’s natural areas.

To further public awareness and education, the Communications and Special Events Department (CSE) and Education and Community Services Department (ECS), released several publications and initiatives throughout the year to keep the public aware in this ever changing world. The Communications and Special Events Department released its first completely green installment of Que Pasa that was filled with useful programs, stories and initiatives, on eco-conservation. In addition, the magazine went “Green” by using certified paper and soy based inks. The department also hosted Hialeah’s first ever “Green Day Hialeah” that brought thousands to Milander Auditorium for live animal presentations, environmental education, conservation displays, and a host of eco friendly companies that could help them live a little “Greener”. To educate our young citizens, the ECS Department and Libraries created Hialeah’s first every youth “Green Kids” club where children get hands-on experience on recycling, conservation, and education. In addition, a “Green” section was set aside at JFK and the E-Libraries where patrons could easily find literature on the subject and this year, Green Day Hialeah was held on May 16, at its new location, Goodlet Park 4200 West 8 Avenue. (…)

Community projects like Walk for Water Day and Treemendous Hialeah continue to conserve and plant for future generations…It is Hialeah’s goal to not only continue its green work, but be at the forefront of America’s greenest cities.

• Do you think these “green teachers” were balanced and presented other competing theories?
• Did they tell them about the thousands of American scientists opposing the human-caused global warming hypothesis?
• Did they tell kids and citizens that these environmentalists want to take away their ice makers along with the functional light bulbs, toilets, washing machines and showerheads?
• Did they tell Hialeah citizens of the many enviro-prophecies of doom that didn’t happen?
• Did they tell people how environmentalists’ lies caused the death of millions of Africans?
• Did they tell women they will have to use menstrual cups instead of tampons and sanitary pads?
• Did they tell people that to be truly “green” they will have to get rid of their petroleum-based products like:
– toys
– computers
– cellulars, telephones, earphones
– rollerskates
– bubble gum
– copiers, calculators, printers
– backpacks
– sneakers, sandals
– permanent press and polyester clothing; sweaters, windbreakers, …
– purses
– perfumes
– bracelets
– umbrellas
– beach balls, footballs, …
– cosmetics
– automotive products
– gasoline
and many more products derived from oil.
• Did they tell them that to be “true green revolutionaries” they will have to ged rid of their cars and ride their bikes as the main mode of transportation?

City of Hialeah’s Budget for fiscal year 2010 which ended on September 30, 2010, http://www.hialeahfl.gov/dep/finance/budget/2010/pdfs/Budget%20Message.pdf
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