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Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina’s ENVIRONMENTALIST AGENDA (Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on May 16, 2011

On his 2010 budget report, Mayor Julio Robaina tells us he wants Hialeah to be at the forefront of America’s greenest cities…despite the severe recession and despite the high national debt which is above $14 Trillion (or $14,000,000,000,000). No rational person wants to destroy their own habitat, but it is wrong when politicians use government muscle to impose on Americans their apocalyptic beliefs in the theory of “man-made global warming” which relies on questionable science. Environmental alarmists have been wrong for decades.

Have you heard about Green Day Hialeah, or Hialeah’s youth “Green Kids” club, or Hialeah’s program of free showerheads and toilet units? Read on.

On the City of Hialeah’s Budget report for fiscal year 2010, Mayor Julio Robaina tells us how he is fighting the so-called global warming. He says his #2 priority has been “Developing an Environmentally Friendly City.” Here is Robaina’s message:

Beginning last fiscal year, the City of Hialeah has adopted various environmental initiatives aimed at taking responsibility and turning the tide towards environmental awareness and conservation. Each department, with my direction and the support of my administration along with that of the City Council, has begun outlining projects that are restructuring the way city departments operate in order to save energy, money and lessen their impact on the environment. In its first year since its introduction, the Green initiatives Hialeah has implemented can be seen throughout each department city-wide. These eco-conscious habits can then trickle over to residents and private business owners within the community that will not only help our environment but will save tax payers money and develop an environmentally friendly city.

The Fleet Department last year pushed forward several initiatives that conserved the resources used and purchased new technologies to lead Hialeah’s future toward greener pastures…As new technologies emerged and changed, so did the department by taking a leap forward and purchasing the first two hybrid vehicles in Hialeah’s history. The City of Hialeah is currently looking toward compressed natural gas technologies for its Fleet Department and continuing to expand its hybrid fleet.

The Parks and Recreation Department also moved forward with the most basic of strategies: planting trees in parks that have been seriously deforested due to construction and natural disasters…Working in conjunction with the Streets Department and local sponsors, the city has been able to place over 18,000 trees and plants in the ground since 2005. In addition to planting these trees, local schools were invited to participate; ensuring that future generations were educated on the significance of plants to the well being of the environment as well as instill in children the habit of conserving and protecting Hialeah’s natural areas.

To further public awareness and education, the Communications and Special Events Department (CSE) and Education and Community Services Department (ECS), released several publications and initiatives throughout the year to keep the public aware in this ever changing world. The Communications and Special Events Department released its first completely green installment of Que Pasa that was filled with useful programs, stories and initiatives, on eco-conservation. In addition, the magazine went “Green” by using certified paper and soy based inks. The department also hosted Hialeah’s first ever “Green Day Hialeah” that brought thousands to Milander Auditorium for live animal presentations, environmental education, conservation displays, and a host of eco friendly companies that could help them live a little “Greener”. To educate our young citizens, the ECS Department and Libraries created Hialeah’s first every youth “Green Kids” club where children get hands-on experience on recycling, conservation, and education. In addition, a “Green” section was set aside at JFK and the E-Libraries where patrons could easily find literature on the subject and this year, Green Day Hialeah was held on May 16, at its new location, Goodlet Park 4200 West 8 Avenue.

The Water and Sewers Department and Solid Waste/Recycling Department tackled the conservation issue head-on by hosting several events in which the public was given, free showerheads and toilet units that help save the amount of water used as well as recycling bins and tons of information. Over 1,500 units were given away saving Hialeah’s citizens 68,996 gallons of water daily. That equals an impressive 25,183,540 gallons of water per year! By recycling bottles, plastics, papers, and metals, we ensure that fewer materials are pulled from the earth and less waste end up in our landfills. Recycling also saves the city the added cost of having to pay a dump to trash our garbage, which in turn, save you money!

With a year behind us, Hialeah continues its progress toward a greener future. In the coming year, Hialeah pledges to continue to build upon the foundation it has so diligently laid. Community projects like Walk for Water Day and Treemendous Hialeah continue to conserve and plant for future generations. The city’s departments pledge to continue their goal at becoming more efficient and an example of that this year, was the Print Shop becoming a certified green partner. Fleet, Water and Sewers, Parks and Recreation, Facilities Maintenance, and CSE/ECS Departments will all continue to research and implement new technologies and programs that will help reduce our waste and increase energy efficiency. It is Hialeah’s goal to not only continue its green work, but be at the forefront of America’s greenest cities.

What’s next? Will they outlaw other petroleum-based products like:
• paint
• oil and greases used to keep car engines and other machines running smoothly
• waxes used in making candles, packages, matches, polishes, crayons, and candy
• petroleum jelly used in medical products, skin-care products, and make-up
• asphalt used for paving roads, and materials for roofing and flooring
• synthetic rubber used in hoses
• synthetic fibers used in carpets, clothing, and shoes
• medicine, such as aspirin and antihistamines
• life-saving medical supplies, such as artificial hearts, heart valve replacements, and pacemakers
• chemicals, such as pesticides
• detergents, such as laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid
and many more products derived from oil.

Environmentalists also want women to use menstrual cups instead of tampons and sanitary pads. Will those be outlawed in Hialeah as well?

City of Hialeah’s Budget for fiscal year 2010 which ended on September 30, 2010, http://www.hialeahfl.gov/dep/finance/budget/2010/pdfs/Budget%20Message.pdf
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