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Hialeah Mayor Julio ROBAINA INDOCTRINATING our Kids (Video) (Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on May 19, 2011

Video shows Robaina and his friend indoctrinating kids with global warming fallacies and promoting submission to environmentalists. They urge them to only buy products with the environmentalist seal of approval.

Of course, there is also time to venerate Obama. After the indoctrination session and pointing to the children at a day care center in the city of Hialeah, he said:
“Everybody knows Obama? Today we have the new Hialeah Obamas.”

And there is more…watch the video:

No rational person wants to destroy their own habitat, but it is wrong when politicians use government muscle to impose on Americans their apocalyptic beliefs in the theory of “man-made global warming” which relies on questionable science.

They want kids to hate oil. Did they teach the kids that to be truly “green” they will have to get rid of all these petroleum-based products?

Could McDonad’s go into schools with the trojan horse lofty goal to eradicate world hunger and tell the kids to buy only products with the McDonald’s logo or seal of approval?

Uses Obama’s “stimulus” money to finance projects
Admits using Obama’s so-called stimulus to finance Hialeah projects
Indoctrinates kids with environmental fallacies
Pushes “green” environmental agenda
Gives showerheads away to “save the planet”

More on Mayor Julio Robaina here

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