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Mexican Drug Gangs Hang Rival Members From Bridges

Posted by FactReal on June 8, 2011

UK Daily Mail reported:
They are the gruesome images that are testament to the trouble that has hit one Mexican city which has become a flashpoint for the war on drugs.

Two young men, cut down in the prime of their life, were left hanging from a pedestrian bridge as warring drugs cartels continue to fight in Monterrey

One of the men was was missing a foot and had been stripped down to just his underwear while the other’s clothes were splattered with blood.

Their bodies were discovered early yesterday morning and both had placards that said: ‘This happened to them for supporting the CDG [Gulf cartel].’

The manufacturing city where they were found has changed dramatically over the last four years. With a population of 4million people, it has gone from being a model for developing economies to a symbol of Mexico’s drug war chaos. […]

Across the country almost 40,000 people have now been killed since 2006 and Monterrey’s violence has risen to the point that questions are being raised over the government’s ability to maintain order and ensure its viability. […]

Since the beginning of this year, 600 people have been killed already – in the whole of 2010 there were 620 deaths.

Among them are local mayors, innocent civilians – including a housewife caught in crossfire, a newlywed systems engineer killed by soldiers on his way to work and a young design student who was killed in one of the city’s busiest shopping streets.

Hanging people from bridges happens with increasing regularity and is designed to intimidate.



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