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Mexican Drug Cartel Leaves 21 Dead in Streets of Morelia City

Posted by FactReal on June 9, 2011

MORELIA, Mexico — Drug cartel laid out 21 bodies in scattered piles near the five main highway exits to Morelia, the capital of Michoacan state. The victims were young men under 25 years old.
AP/FoxNews reported:
More than 20 bodies were found in the streets outside the western Mexican city of Morelia Wednesday, according to AFP.

State prosecutor Jesus Montejano told AFP that the 21 bodies had warning notes attached to them.

“Because society asked for it, this is going to happen to those who continue to rob houses, kidnappers and rapists,” the warning notes said, according to Montejano.

Mexican authorities say some of the bodies showed signs of torture, with bodies piled together and their faces covered by tape.

The infamous drug cartel La Familia is based near Morelia in Michoacan state. Last June, the cartel beheaded 12 policemen.


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