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Carlos Gimenez Voted for SLOT MACHINES Contracts (2011 Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidate)

Posted by FactReal on June 26, 2011

Gimenez Called for Election to Authorize Slot Machines
On January 20, 2005, Gimenez and other County Commissioners passed Resolution #97-05 (File 050164)[1,3] calling for a special election for March 8, 2005 to ask voters to authorize slot machines in the county.

Carlos Gimenez was one of the sponsors of that resolution. Only commissioner Sorenson voted against this resolution:[3]

Gimenez Gave Contracts to Special Interests in the Gambling Industry
That same day (January 20, 2005 and even before voters got the chance to vote if they wanted slot machines in the county), Gimenez and other County Commissioners also passed Resolution #81-05 (File 50448)[2,3] authorizing slot machines contracts to three pari-mutuels in the county, i.e., Calder Race Course, Flagler Greyhound Track, and Miami Jai-Alai.

Carlos Gimenez voted “Yes” to give contracts to gambling companies. Only commissioner Sorenson voted against this resolution:[3]

Negative Impact
Before approving the resolution, the county commissioners were reminded2 of the negative impact of gambling: “[R]esearch indicates that when gambling becomes more accessible there are typically increases in problem gambling. Costs associated with problem gambling, while not quantifiable, may be significant, and would come in the form of increased law enforcement costs, mental health and addiction treatment costs, and possible increases in unemployment compensation costs, among others.”
Only Commissioner Sorenson Understood the Negative Impact
The only commissioner voting “No” on both resolutions was Katy Sorenson.[3]

She “commented that this [slot machines/gambling] would increase many undesirable businesses. Commissioner Sorenson noted the results of gambling were proven to be negative…She said that she would not support the resolution; that it was poor public policy, it was not good for the community or economy.”[1]

Voters Rejected Slot Machines
On March 8, 2005, voters in Miami-Dade County voted against the slot machines.4
1. Miami-Dade County Commission, Resolution Calling Special Election in Miami-Dade County [for] March 8, 2005…whether to authorize slot machines…, Resolution R-97-05, File 050164, 1/20/2005

2. Miami-Dade County Commission, Agreement with Parimutuel Facilities Regarding Slot Machines, Resolution R-81-05, File 050448, 1/20/2005

3. Miami-Dade County Commission, Board of County Commission’s Minutes, January 20, 2005, Items 10A23 and 11A4 Amended, http://www.miamidade.gov/govaction/commminute.asp?cmbmeetdate=1760&file=true

4. ABC Local10, Slot Machines Get Split Decision, March 8, 2005

Info for the June 28th election in Miami-Dade County:
Carlos Gimenez’s Record
Julio Robaina’s Record
(With links to primary sources)

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