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Coward Chris Wallace to Michele Bachmann: Are you a ‘Flake’ (Video)

Posted by FactReal on June 26, 2011

One More Proof FoxNews is NOT a Conservative News Outlet
Chris Wallace like a typical spineless leftist-pretending-to-be-neutral feels threatened by Conservative women and subversively attacked Rep. Michele Bachmann.
(Hat tip Doug Powers)
And Chris, forget about apologizing. What’s done is done. It is clear where your heart is.
Would Wallace have to b*lls to confront Democrats with these:
Obama’s gaffes
Names of 70 anti-American members of Congress (Hat tip: GatewayPundit)
Michelle Obama’s Hypocrisy: She Promotes Healthy Eating in Africa by Snacking on French Fries and Deep-Fried Fat Cakes (Video)


One Response to “Coward Chris Wallace to Michele Bachmann: Are you a ‘Flake’ (Video)”

  1. Chris Wallace , like Karl Rove and the rest of the republican party apparatchiks can’t stomach the thought of a non-machine candidate getting the nomination . Great people like Michelle Bachmen , Sarah Palin , and Herman Cain scare the h–l out them . If one of these three are not nominated I am voting Democratic for the first time in my life . My theory is if we can’t save the country we might as well allow the democratic trash have it , After all , we will be getting what we deserve .

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