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MEXICO: 18 Dead in a one day of Cartel Violence in Cuidad Juarez

Posted by FactReal on July 12, 2011

AP via HotAirPundit
[A]mong the 18 killings were three hospital parking attendants shot to death at midday by unidentified gunmen.

Later, gunmen opened fire on a youth soccer game, killing four people and leaving four others in critical condition.

Authorities also say a 12-year-old boy was followed into a restaurant by assailants and killed.

Rest of the report here.


One Response to “MEXICO: 18 Dead in a one day of Cartel Violence in Cuidad Juarez”

  1. Buck Crosby said

    This is just more proof of the efficiency and power of the great Mexican government . Mexico has always been an economically and corrupted country and yet these morons that escape to this country to get out of that mess want to bring this country down to that level out of their patriotism for mexico , The country that they had to leave to have a better life as a slave status American . Yes , I am talking about La Raza and all these other give the southwest back to Mexico fools . It would just be a matter of a short time and it would be just as destitute as the rest of Mexico currently is . The drug war is just another side of that corruption , if it wasn’t that it would be something else .

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