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Mr. Obama, Where is Your Debt Ceiling Plan?

Posted by FactReal on July 28, 2011

What every American should be asking Obama: Where is your plan to solve the debt?
After all these weeks of debt ceiling debate and of demonizing the GOP (who are going out of their way to propose solutions), Obama has not presented a plan. Obama just sits there on his throne threatening to veto Republican’s proposals. Democrat Harry Reid pronounces Republican’s proposals DOA even before they pass the U.S. House and go to the U.S. Senate. Then, to add to the absurdity, Democrats turn around and claim Republicans are being inflexible.

The time passes. The artificial deadline approaches. Where is Obama’s plan?

Two days ago few reporters confronted Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney. Townhall reported the exchange on 7/26/2011:

“Show Us The Plan!”: WH Press Corps vs. Carney on Obama’s Debt Plan
Ed Henry is the first to ask Carney about Obama’s plan: “Why not put it out there?” Henry also asks: “What was the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an Obama plan?”

Next, Chuck Todd doubles down on Henry’s challenge and causes Carney to stutter a bit. After Todd’s feisty challenges, a reporter named Carol triples down on the press’s “show us the plan” challenge to Carney and Obama. The scene is ugly and unpleasant–if you’re on Team Obama.

After all the hemming and hawing from Carney over Obama’s so-called plan, we learn that he really doesn’t have one “because,” Carney said,” we want a result.” Go figure.

He has a plan but not really. Truly Orwellian, or as it should be known based on his performance so far as president: Obamian.

All 53 Senate Democrats send letter to House Speaker John Boehner saying they will vote against the House GOP plan


One Response to “Mr. Obama, Where is Your Debt Ceiling Plan?”

  1. Buck Crosby said

    Someone said not all democrats are dishonest , I agree , most are just incredibly stupid . Anyone that can still claim Obama is doing a good job would necessarily have to be incredibiy stupid . They want to raise the debt limit even though it has already passed the height of stupidity . How do they rationalize that when Obama was a senator and the debt was much lower he was against raising the debt limit . You tell me , dishonest or stupid ?

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