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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters = Leftist Tools of Obama, Unions and Democrats

Posted by FactReal on October 4, 2011

Idiot Wall Street Protestors are Tools of Unions, Democrats:
These people are out marching for big government. They’re advocating for Obama’s reelection. They are marching against Wall Street. Who’s in bed with Obama? Wall Street.
Leftist Wall Street protestors agree with Obama that America needs class war:
After his first stimulus plan failed miserably, Barack Obama switched strategy and declared war on the rich.
This weekend Obama announced his latest tax the rich Buffett plan.

Showing their support for class warfare… Radical leftists converged on Wall Street [since Sept. 17, 2011]:

They agree with Obama that America needs class war.
Their mission:
According to their website, the mission of the leaderless resistance movement is to flood thousands of people into lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months in order to persuade President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end “the influence money has over representatives in Washington.”
This is a pro-government and Obama election rally coinciding with Obama’s class warfare:
[T]he Days of Rage protesters in downtown Manhattan…have nothing to do with Wall Street and are financed by billionaires who made their money, directly or indirectly, in the stock market.

The paradox of Wall Street financed radicals protesting against the Street makes as much sense as a dose of class warfare from Warren Buffett. But the Street is a devious place, which makes money by betting against itself, and whose favorite politicians denounce it around election time….

Obama poured money into Wall Street before denouncing it…At luncheons in exclusive restaurants, his allies are still explaining to hedge fund managers that Barry doesn’t really mean it. He’s just trying to get elected.

Democrats sometimes like to take off their Harvard jackets, loosen their club ties and try on a little populism…and then fly off to a fundraiser thrown by the outsourcing firms who have the actual money.

The belated crusade against Wall Street is even more pathetic as it is coordinated by groups who wouldn’t exist without men like Soros, who made their money from deals that make the Street look sparkling clean. It’s class warfare as a cynical jab at the populist center, the people who mutter to themselves that the Street is full of crooks and so is Congress.

They’re right and the Days of Rage protesters, who usually have a trust fund at their back and a degree in creative arts on their shelf, would never admit it. They’re not here to protest against power, but for those in power. Or else why target Wall Street now, long after the bailouts and the fizzing outrage over Corporate Personhood.

The Days of Rage are an Obama election rally, coordinated ahead of time to coincide with Obama’s own descent into class warfare. Which makes them a pro-government rally.

…And if the media had any credibility or ethics left, they would be doing something other than covering a disguised election rally as if it were the new Battle of Seattle.

● They brought their Che signs and Marxist chants:
● Leftists in Los Angeles also brought their Che signs:
Leftists with their Che and and class warfare signs as they march to City Hall during the
“Occupy Los Angeles” demonstration in solidarity with the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street”
protest in New York City. (October 1, 2011) (Photo: Getty)
● Leftist protesters enjoying the goods and comforts provided by capitalism and corporations:
Anti-capitalist ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters in New York’s Zuccotti Park enjoying their capitalistic and expensive equipment: Laptop computers, cellphones, iPhones, mobile hotspots, camping equipment, mattresses, etc. (Photos: AP)
They released 13 Demands Including “$20 Minimum Wage” and “Across the Board Debt Forgiveness For All”
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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protester Defecates on a NYPD Police Car (Photo)
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Where is ‘Occupy George Soros’?
(Soros is the multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, currency speculator, who pushed for bank bailouts and bought politicians, and was convicted for insider-trading)

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