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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests: News Roundup

Posted by FactReal on October 9, 2011

Updated by FactReal on Oct. 12, 2011

Anarchists and leftists affiliated with the 'Occupy Wall Street' protest provoke police by attempting to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, effectively shutting down a lane of traffic for several hours. Police arrested 700 while trying to clear the road and reopen for traffic. (October 1, 2011) (Will Stevens/AP)

‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protester Defecates on a NYPD Police Car (Photo)
Organizer admits to paying ‘Occupy DC’ protesters [VIDEO]. Also Dems history of rent-a-non-English-speaking-protester
‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters = Leftist Tools of Obama, Unions and Democrats
Evil Corporations Get Unwitting Support at Wall Street Protests
‘Occupy Wall Street’ Released 13 Demands: “$20 Minimum Wage,” “Across the Board Debt Forgiveness For All”…
‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests lack diversity
Hugo Chavez Hearts The “Occupy Wall Street” Protest
Stinking up Wall Street
‘Occupy DC’ Protest Thugs Storm Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Video)
Racism? ‘Occupy Atlanta’ Mob Refuses to Let Civil Rights Icon Speak at Rally (Video), More
‘Occupy Portland’ Goons Arrested for Vandalizing a Police Car
‘Occupy Wall Street Depicts Decapitation Of Goldman Sachs CEO…but Obama got $1M from Goldman Sachs
Celebrities Supporting Wall Street Protesters…but They are Benefiting from Wall Street
Marxist Code Pink Protest at Chamber of Commerce in DC but the Chamber supports many of Obama’s plans
‘Ocuppy Sacramento’ Loons Lash Out at Reporters For Asking Questions About Their Protest (Video)
New Orleans Occupiers Shout “Kill The Cops!”
Libtalker Mike Malloy at DC Occupy Rally: “To These Corporate Thugs, Go F*ck Yourself” (Video)

Homophobic ‘Occupy St. Louis’ Protester Harasses Independent Journalist (Video)
‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protester to Kids: “Kill Your Parents” (Photo)

“Occupy Wall Street” Protester Spews Vile Anti-Semitism: “The Jews Control Wall Street, F*ck The Jews, F*ck Israel”
Leftist “Occupy Wall Street” Protester Berates Jewish Man, “You’re a Bum, Jew” (Video)

“Occupy Wall Street” Organizer To Sharpton: We Are Anarchists And Revolutionaries

**Occupy Wall Street Organized From Day One by SEIU/ACORN Front “Working Families Party” (Video)
Union Goons Join Anti-Capitalism Protests On Wall Street

Soros-Funded Puppets MoveOn.org Join “Occupy Wall Street” Protest
Soros Says He Supports Far-Left “Occupy Wall Street” Protests
AFL-CIO Pledges Lawyers, Resources For Wall Street Occupier Protests

**Occupy Wall Street= Obama’s shock troops are marching in the streets
**Where is ‘Occupy Hollywood’?

Obama Understands the Protesters’ Frustration with the Banks, more
Nancy Pelosi Praises ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters…but She Smeared Tea Partiers in 2009 (Videos)
White House Spokesman defends ‘Occupy Wall Street’ mob; “We Understand”
Michael Moore Conducts Creepy Leftist Worship Service At Occupy Wall Street Protest
Van Jones Predicts Leftist Occupier Movement Could Be 10 Times Bigger Than The Tea Party
Geithner Says He “Sympathizes” With Wall Street Occupiers, Financial Industry Criticism Of Obama “Inexplicable”
Fed Chief Bernake Expresses Sympathy For Wall Street Occupiers: “I Can’t Blame Them — They Have Some Justification”
Dems. Ellison and Grijalva Back Wall Street Occupiers Class Warfare Protests
Far-Left Dem Russ Feingold On Occupy Wall Street Protests: “This Is Like The Tea Party — Only It’s Real”
Ron Paul Throws Support Behind “Occupy Wall Street”
More endorsements for OWS: Marxist Dictator Hugo Chavez, Marxist/Capitalist Actor Danny Glover, Communist Party USA, supporters of accused Islamic terrorist
Super Rich Ben & Jerry’s Supports ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Obama’s Operatives Linked to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests
Where is ‘Occupy George Soros’? (Soros is the multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, currency speculator, who pushed for bank bailouts and bought politicians, and was convicted for insider-trading)
Sex and Nudity at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protest (Photos, Videos)
Millionaire Kanye West Sported $25K Chains to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (Photo)
Occupy Wall Street Protester Wants College Paid For Because That’s What He Wants (Video)
John McCain Understands the Frustrations of ‘Occupy Wall Street’
DEBIT CARD FEES? Blame Democrats’ Law “Dodd-Frank Bank Regulation”
The Rich Pay More Taxes…and Higher Tax Rates

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