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Where is ‘Occupy George Soros’?

Posted by FactReal on October 10, 2011

GEORGE SOROS – America’s Wealthiest Hedge Fund Manager: Net Worth $22 Billion
Where are the protests against George Soros. He is the poster child of all what ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters claim to detest.

George Soros:
– Pushed for the bank bailouts
– Is a hedge fund manager and currency speculator who has brought down several economies
– Has bought influence with politicians
– Is über-rich (a multi-billionaire)
– Has been convicted for insider-trading

Via Investors’ Business Daily:
The Left: Billionaire George Soros declared sympathy for the mobs swarming Wall Street and blaming banks for the economy. Strange that a man who should be anathema to these parasites’ agenda is actually their patron. […]

Not only is the $22 billion-dollar man declaring the motley mob the protagonists in a vast struggle against capitalism, the activist groups he’s funded, such as the Tides Foundation, MoveOn.org, and a new one, led by self-described communist Van Jones called “Rebuild the Dream,” are now its most active organizers.

“People before profits,” “Occupying Wall Street,” and “Marx was right” are the result, which can be read in the protest signs on Wall Street. And the common thread in all of this is to blame banks.

That makes Soros’ presence curious. For one thing, two years ago, Soros was a vocal proponent of bank bailouts himself. The U.S. needs “radical and unorthodox policy measures” to prevent a repeat of the Great Depression, he told Reuters in 2009, calling for all of TARP’s $700 billion in funds to recapitalize banks and write down U.S. accumulated debt.

It isn’t the only oddity. A notorious currency speculator whose secretive vandal-like attacks on Third World (and U.K.) currencies have left economic wreckage, Soros gets little affection from global grass-roots people.

Along with Goldman Sachs and other investment banks, his campaign cash has bought influence with politicians such as President Obama, making him one of the few who can drop by on short notice to the White House, as records show, a perfect example of special-interest politics, something the protesters also detest.

Then there’s Soros’ 2005 insider-trading conviction in France, upheld this week by the European Court of Human Rights. Money is all that kept him out of jail.

So if there’s anyone who’s a stereotype of all that’s hated about Wall Street, it’s him. But now he’s the protesters’ patron, sympathizer and funder, along with his allies in thuggish unions like the Service Employees International Union, which is prominent in the protests.

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3 Responses to “Where is ‘Occupy George Soros’?”

  1. buck said

    George Soroass is the caricature of the evil mastermind that sits back in absolute safety and security while his minions and underlings do his dirty work for him . He is far to important ( in his own mind ) to expose himself those he has and is destroying in his lifetime just to enrich himself and play God , Just goes to show , no matter how much money you have , you can still be trash if you so choose to be . His one redeeming purpose is to show the world what is evil and what is good . If one chooses evil all they have to do is as George Soroass would do , and of course the opposite works as well if you choose not to be evil .

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