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Multi-Millionaires Support ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters

Posted by FactReal on October 14, 2011

The top ten richest celebrities have come out of their opulent mansions to support the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters who claim to be against the rich and capitalism.

NewsBusters has the list:

#1 Yoko  Ono Net Worth – $500 million.
Ono stated “I love ‘Occupy Wall Street’! John is sending  his smile to ‘Occupy Wall Street’. I am sending my love to ‘Occupy Wall Street’. We are all working together. ”

#2 Russell  Simmons Net Worth – $325 million
Keep in mind that on top of being a hip-hop mogul Simmons  is the founder of a high fee credit card company called UniRush Financial  Services.

#3 Roseanne  Barr Net Worth – $80 million
Roseanne thinks anyone with over $100 million should be  beheaded. Interesting that her net worth is $80 million. I guess she doesnt make “the cut”.

#4 Deepak  Chopra Net Worth – $80 million
Chopra said #OWS is turning anger into awareness. The  fortune he has made off his fluff filled books has just turned me to anger.

#5 Kanye  West Net Worth – $70 million

#6 Alec  Baldwin Net Worth – $65 million

#7 Susan  Sarandon Net Worth – $50 million

#8 Michael  Moore Net Worth – $50 million

#9 Tim  Robbins Net Worth – $50 million

#10 Nancy  Pelosi Net Worth – $35.5 million

Millionaire Kanye West Sported $25K Chains to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (Photo)
Where is ‘Occupy George Soros’?

Michael Moore ($50 Million Net Worth): I’m Not Part of the 1% (Video)

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