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Obama is Managing America’s Decline and the Rise of Islam

Posted by FactReal on October 26, 2011

Via Washington Times:
President Obama is empowering radical Islam across the Arab world. He is presiding over both the American decline and the rapid advance of our mortal jihadist enemies. From the Middle East to North Africa, the Arab Spring has turned into an Islamist winter. Contrary to the administration’s claims, the popular uprisings have not led to a “rebirth of freedom” – the emergence of liberal democracies in distant Arab lands. Rather, Muslim fundamentalists have used street protests against corrupt, autocratic regimes as a Trojan horse to expand Islamic militancy.

In Tunisia, an Islamist party with ideological ties to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is poised to win national elections. Its goal is to … erect a Muslim theocracy. […]

Next month, it will be Egypt’s turn to hold elections. The Muslim Brotherhood is expected to gain the largest number of parliamentary seats. Its aim is to restore the global caliphate and return Cairo to the rule of fundamentalist clerics…Since the overthrow of strongman Hosni Mubarak, rampaging Muslim mobs have murdered numerous Coptic Egyptians and destroyed Christian churches. More than 100,000 Christian Copts have been expelled – an act of deliberate religious cleansing. […]

In Libya, Mr. Obama supported the rebel movement…[W]hat comes after Gadhafi? Because of Mr. Obama’s policies, NATO has armed, trained and financed the creation of an Islamist Libya. Jihadists fill the ranks of the rebels…Tripoli’s interim government, the one the administration keeps telling us is “moderate” and “pro-democracy,” has just announced that Libya will be governed strictly by Shariah law.

Read the full article.

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