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Obama’s Pal & Terrorist Bill Ayers Teaches Radical Theory At #OccupyChicago (Video)

Posted by FactReal on October 29, 2011

Obama’s friend and domestic terrorist turned University of Illinois professor, Bill Ayers: “You should use your brilliance, your humor, your wisdom, your body to dramatize the violence that exists.” (Hat tip: The Right Scoop)

The supposed leaderless, organic and spontaneous ‘Occupiers’ looked bewitched as they listened to their radical master:

FLASHBACK: Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers
In the late 1960s, Bill Ayers co-founded the radical group Weather Underground that collaborated on a series of bombings aimed at the Pentagon, US capitol, banks, monuments and other government buildings.

Obama launched his political career in the living room of Bill Ayers.

Victim of William Ayers explains here Ayers’ terrorist past and his connection to Obama:
Bill Ayers Releases “Collective Statement” Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters


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