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Mark Levin Analyzes the Herman Cain Smear by Politico

Posted by FactReal on October 31, 2011

Summary of Politico’s sexual harassment story against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain: Unnamed sources, sketchy generalities, and ambiguous details such as: “There were also descriptions of physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable.”
Mark Levin analyzed Politico’s hit-piece designed to destroy conservative Herman Cain:
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: Mark discusses the claims against Herman Cain regarding sexual harassment that recently came out from Politico journalists. Mark questions the motive behind these baseless attacks and wonders where the evidence behind it is? Mark believes that this may be another liberal smear campaign against a conservative that obviously someone feels threatened by to bring this up. Mark speaks with former staff members of Herman Cain who say these charges are unwarranted and never saw anything remotely close to these allegations. Also, Karl Rove is back at attacking conservatives once again as he says that Herman Cain can’t win the Presidency.
The Right Scoop has the Mark Levin audio:
(click image for audio)

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