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Author of Herman Cain’s “Harassment” Story Linked to George Soros

Posted by FactReal on November 1, 2011

Kenneth Vogel is one of the authors of Politico’s hit-piece accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment without providing any evidence. A story of two anonymous women making allegations of “inappropriate behavior” against a conservative black man who is now riding high in the presidential polls.
The left-wing media is out to stop Herman Cain’s ascendancy. So it comes as no surprise that Politico (the “news” website that pretends to be objective) and leftist Kenneth Vogel will be more than happy to push a story aimed to destroy conservative Cain.

Leftist “reporter” Kenneth P. Vogel

Vogel/ George Soros connection:
Ken Vogel of Politico used to work for the George Soros-funded Center for Public Integrity [CPI] in Washington and has been involved in numerous attacks on conservatives. There is no hiding a liberal agenda when considering Ken Vogel’s work, and this latest smear attempt on Cain is further proof. “The liberal media need to wake up and deal with the fact that successful, black Americans can be conservative. They are going insane realizing he might one day be President, too.”
Vogel’s liberal agenda:
That would be one-time CPI senior associate Kenneth P. Vogel, who has been magically transformed from Soros-acolyte into a “reporter” for Politico stories that reek of the let’s-pretend-to-be-objective style of the New York Times…Mr. Vogel and his leftward political slant have come to light recently (here, here, and here) in what has been exposed as Politico‘s fake-scandal story on talk radio.

But a closer look at Vogel shows the old media game of pretend-objectivity is still alive and well in the new Internet medium, this time with Politico. Vogel’s liberal passport into Politico, a newsroom swarming with veterans of liberal media outlets from the Washington Post to the Los Angeles Times to USA Today to CBS, was doubtless stamped in his time working as a senior associate for the Soros-funded CPI. […]

But there’s more here to the CPI/Vogel/Politico connection than the talk radio story. What is one of the big concerns at the Soros-funded CPI? Why, zapping the conservative Koch brothers, of course. […]

Politico seems to be following the Old Media model of pretending to objectivity when in reality it is anything but. To criticize Ginni Thomas because “she suggested listening to conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin instead” of the liberal media is a dead giveaway as to what really is afoot in the Politico editorial suites.

Not to mention the absence of serious similar work on Soros or liberal Supreme Court Justices makes it seem this relatively new Internet venture has evolved into just one more liberal media sham.

What’s coming clear at Politico (or should it be called Leftico?) is that it is really all about the liberal agenda. Or, as it is at CPI, the Soros agenda. Just once removed to make it respectable.

The Sleaziness of Politico’s Kenneth Vogel

Where is ‘Occupy George Soros’?


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