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FL Gov Rick Scott Proven Right: High-Speed Rail is a Budget Buster

Posted by FactReal on November 2, 2011

Over Budget, Behind Schedule, and Unnecessary

Many warned about the high-speed-rail cost overruns. They were right. New estimates indicate the California high-speed rail has tripled in cost and won’t be ready for 22 years. This vindicates Governor Rick Scott’s decision to reject the high speed rail funds.

Sunshine State News reported yesterday:

Gov. Rick Scott took a moment Tuesday to enjoy his decision earlier this year to reject federal money to create a bullet train between Orlando and Tampa.

“I hope everybody saw … the headlines,” Scott told a media gathering in his office. “Cost projection for California bullet train jumps to nearly $100 billion dollars.” […]

“They’re now on the hook for I guess another $50 billion, the state is,” Scott said.

In February, Scott, over the objection of many state legislators, turned down $2.4 billion from the federal government for the Florida line.

At the time, Scott cited anticipated increases in costs that would have to be covered by Florida and …questioned the ridership projections for the line.


One Response to “FL Gov Rick Scott Proven Right: High-Speed Rail is a Budget Buster”

  1. buck said

    Governor Rick Scott has yet to be proven wrong on anything, but that won’t stop the demon-rat smear machines from making up things to trash him lke they are now doing with Caine , and did with Bork ,Thomas ,etc;etc;ect;

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