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Venezuela’s Dictator Hugo Chávez Has Six Months to Live…According to Former U.S. Ambassador

Posted by FactReal on November 11, 2011

Report from Roger Noriega, former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) and former Assistant Secretary of State:
The international medical team treating Venezuela’s cancer-ridden leader Hugo Chávez believe that, absent a radical change in his condition, he is not likely to survive more than six months. According to sources that have provided me privileged information and documents from within the Venezuelan regime for many months, recent tests show that Chávez’s cancer is accelerating and his chances of surviving until the October 2012 presidential elections are worsening. This sobering prognosis is a dilemma for Caracas, where Chavista leaders are afraid that their fiercest followers will feel betrayed when they learn his claim to be “cancer-free” turns out to be a big lie. Meanwhile, Washington policy makers appear unprepared to deal with the chaos that will ensue as the most corrupt members of the Chávez regime plot to retain power at all costs and as the state-run economy collapses. […]

What began as an aggressive prostate cancer more than a year ago had spread to his lymphatic system, colon and bones even before Chávez agreed to seek treatment.

His body’s reaction to the first two rounds of chemo was so debilitating that he only received the third round during his most recent visit to Cuba. (On the two prior occasions when he was to undergo treatment, his medical team decided that his red cell count was too low and his condition so weak that chemotherapy would do more harm than good.)


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