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Obama’s Chevy Volt: Electric Car Charger Suspected in House Fire

Posted by FactReal on November 13, 2011


The fire happened Oct. 30 and now massive green tarps cover the damage. In the burned out garage, investigators said they found an electric car plugged into a 240-volt car charging station. (WSOC-TV)

The Chevy Volt’s electric charger may be the cause of the North Carolina house fire:
MOORESVILLE, N.C. — The safety of an electric car charger is at the center of a fire investigation at a Mooresville home on Monday.

Fire investigators in Iredell County are meeting with officials from Duke Energy and General Motors.
They’re looking into the possibility that the fire started with a charging unit for electric vehicles.

Insurance agents and lawyers were also at the home trying to help piece together how the fire started. […]

The fire happened last month and caused $800,000 amount of damage to the home. Two people suffered minor injuries after they helped one of the residents in the home to safety.

Is Obama’s GM trying to quell reports?
Cars in Depth reports that the Chevy Volt and its charging station are suspected as possible causes for a house fire that started in the garage of a Mooresville, NC home. According to the report, investigators found a Volt plugged into a charging station located in the burned out garage. […]

The Cars in Depth story goes on to say that the actual brand of the car plugged into the charger unit was not mentioned in news reports. However, General Motors is involved in the investigation. There is a worrisome possibility that Government Motors is working hard to quiet stories that raise the possibility of fire hazards that arise from the Chevy Volt‘s charging phase. Siemens, the builder of the charging station that was being used to charge the vehicle, is also involved in the investigation along with the Department of Energy and Duke Power. […]

There have also been reports of defective Volt charging cords overheating…that have gotten little publicity. The question arises, just how far will GM, the Obama Administration and green ideologues go to prove that the Chevy Volt (as well as electric cars in general) is the future of the American auto industry?

Fluffing up the perception of huge demand for the Volt is one thing, but there should be no compromises when it comes to the safety of Americans who buy into the hype of the Chevy Volt and purchase the vehicles. All taxpayers are paying to subsidize purchases of the Volt and plug-in charging stations; it would be a shame to see that the money usurped is putting people at risk.

Free car charges were given to electric car drivers early this year in North Carolina.
Connection to the Democrats 2012 Convention:
Duke Energy has a pilot program across the Carolinas for customers who want [car charges]. And Duke CEO Jim Rogers has been outspoken in his desire to see more electric cars and charging stations in the city for next year’s Democratic National Convention.
Chevy Volt hybrid catches fire for SECOND time in a week – even though it was unplugged
GM sells only 125 Chevy Volts in July

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