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Leftist-Democrat Raul Martinez Rejected by Hialeah (S. Florida) Voters

Posted by FactReal on November 15, 2011

A resounding 61% of Hialeah voters rejected über-leftist-Democrat Raul Martinez, former Hialeah mayor for 24 years and unsuccessful Democrat congressional candidate for Florida’s 21st congressional district in 2008. Hialeah voters have not forgotten Martinez’s history of corruption, scandals, vulgar outbursts, Castro connections and bullying nature. Not even the support of the powerful Hialeah unions could take Martinez to victory.

Here are the election results: (52 of 52 precincts reporting)

Data as of: 9:31PM
Registered Voters: 89,087
Ballots Casts: 31,026
Voter Turnout: 34.83%
Hialeah ballot
Precincts List

– Raul Martinez concedes.


FLASHBACK 1999: Raul Martinez, Hialeah Mayor, assaults Cuban protester

In 1999, Democrat Raul Martinez, then Mayor of Hialeah, punched a young guy. Here is the video and report:

On 6/30/1999, then Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez pummeled a young man (Ernesto Mirabal, 21) who supposedly was blocking traffic on the Palmetto Expressway.

“More than 400 people gathered on the Palmetto on Tuesday night to protest the Coast Guard’s treatment of six Cuban rafters, blocking the northbound lanes at Northwest 103rd Street for about four hours. The protest turned into a battle after 2 a.m. Seven people were arrested…”

“Both the mayor, weighing in at 6-3, 255 pounds, and the protester, 150-pound, 5-10 Ernesto Mirabal, say the other guy swung first. Martinez emerged the champion of the roadside bout. He landed a left and at least five right uppercuts as police officers jumped Mirabal, leaving the protester bleary-eyed and spitting blood. The fight video played all day on news stations…”

Raul Martinez Spat and Yelled Obscenities to Political Rival in 1993
Raul Martinez and the Hialeah Absentee Ballot Scandal of 1993
Raul Martinez Strikes Radio Host in 1998

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