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Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler Allowed on Wisconsin Recall Petitions

Posted by FactReal on December 14, 2011

On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board unanimously approved that “Adolf Hitler” and “Mickey Mouse” will be valid signatures on a recall petition to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Their message is clear: All fake Democrat signatures will be accepted…unless they are challenged. But as the MacIver Institute reports, “The recall petitions will not be data entered by state staff. It falls on Walker, or other independent groups, to discover fraudulent signatures among the tens of thousands of recall forms submitted. If the signatures of Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler, etc are then discovered, they can be contested, but they are given the presumption of legitimacy by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.”

Their tactic is simple: Unions and other leftists will submit a massive volume of phony signatures that there will be neither manpower nor time to challenge them all.

Read more: here and here.


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