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Ron Paul: Iran Wants to Disrupt World Oil Supply Because of our Verbal Provocation (2011 Video)

Posted by FactReal on December 16, 2011

Just like the Left, libertarian Ron Paul always finds a way to blame us. Iran can’t dream of having a better ambassador and defender than Ron Paul. When it comes to foreign policy, what is the difference between Ron Paul and Obama?

A small government and an audited Federal Reserve here at home will do us no good, if under a Ron Paul presidency, terrorists will be allowed to do as they please while we hide our heads in the sand, flagellate ourselves for their attacks, and think of ways to befriend the terrorists as Ron Paul has suggested.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop.
(Click image for video)

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TRANSCRIPT (12/14/2011)

RON PAUL: How would I deal with the threat or the so-called threat of the Iranians, that they are going to disrupt the oil supply?

Well I’d be provoking them a lot less because they’re reacting to the provoking of the West saying “we’re gonna put on sanctions”. We have them surrounded with nuclear weapons and we’re claiming that they’re gonna build a nuclear weapon and there’s no evidence for this.

So we’re just looking for trouble. We’re building the war propaganda against Iran just as we did against Iraq. […]

So they [Iran] are acting actually in a rational manner because they’re saying “they’re gonna attack us and start bombing us”. They have to say “well, we don’t have any nuclear weapons, we can’t really defend ourselves. So we might sink a boat, sink a ship out there in the Persian Gulf”, hoping that we might back off.

I just think we’re treating the whole thing wrong.


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