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Planned Parenthood Got $487.4 Million in Taxpayer Money to Abort 329,445 Babies

Posted by FactReal on January 5, 2012

CNSNews reports:
According to its latest annual report, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) received $487.4 million in tax dollars over a twelve-month period and performed 329,455 abortions.

In addition, the number of adoption referrals made by the organization continued to decline.

The latest annual report covers the period from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, the PPFA’s fiscal year. The report states that the organization received “government health services grants and reimbursements” totaling $487.4 million.

What are taxpayers getting for their buck?
  • 329,445 abortions, making up 91% of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women. Of the three million people that walked through the doors of a Planned Parenthood clinic, one out of 12 received an abortion.
  • 31,098 prenatal services for women, making up just 8.6% of overall services to pregnant woman.
  • 841 adoption referrals, a mere 0.2% of services to pregnant women. (This number continues to drop. In 2008, PP reported 2,405 adoption referrals).
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