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Ron Paul’s Hypocrisy on Big Money Special Interests

Posted by FactReal on January 10, 2012

RON PAUL = Mr. Washington Insider Who Loves the Big Money from Special Interest Groups
Via Jeffrey Lord:
Congressman Paul has made much of his opposition to Washington “special interests.” But when it comes to funding his political career –where has Congressman Paul gone? …

Take a spin through these contributions Paul has taken over the years as formally listed by the Federal Elections Commission here.

…Talk about political profiteering!…Ron Paul is recorded as taking money from the Bigs.

The Bigs? Yes, the Bigs:

Big Insurance
Big Banking
Big Medicine
Big Financial Services
Big Beer

…[From] every Big Money special interest out there. Ron Paul takes money from the Builders and Contractors, from AFLAC, from AT&T, from milk producers and Bank of America…

…There is nothing “wrong” with this. This is the system…But for Ron Paul to accuse Newt Gingrich of “serial hypocrisy” while campaigning as Mr. Outsider Who Fights the Establishment — when in fact Congressman Paul…is in reality…Mr. Insider Who Takes The Big Money From The Establishment…


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