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Politico & MSNBC Refer to Conservative Florida Voters as ‘Crackers’

Posted by FactReal on January 31, 2012

Politico reporter Jonathan Martin while speaking to MSNBC anchor Chuck Todd this morning nonchalantly used an offensive epithet to describe voters in the Florida panhandle:

MARTIN: “I think the other reason why north Florida is going to be fascinating to watch tonight is because it’s going to give us a sense of what’s ahead in March, when this primary does move to the deep south states. As you know, Chuck, a lot of those counties in the panhandle, in north Florida, the “cracker counties”, if you will…

TODD: Right.

MARTIN: …more resemble Georgia and Alabama than they do Florida. So, it’s going to be interesting to see if Romney can really show some signs of strength in and around places like Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee and Jacksonville.”

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd didn’t have any problem when he heard the pejorative. He just replied, “Right.”

As NewsBusters’ Scott Whitlock indicates, “the Politico reporter wasn’t on local Florida TV and the rest of the country sees the term as an insult. The context of the comment came while talking about conservative Southerners. Remember, Martin claimed that Florida is “going to give us a sense of what’s ahead in March, when this primary does move to the Deep South states.””

John Nolte from BigJournalism.com correctly points out that “these are the same MSM leftists who have and will continue to attempt to define every effective attack against Barack Obama as ‘racist’ or as some sort of ‘racial dog-whistle’…The term ‘cracker’ creates the image of the conservative-voting Florida panhandle Obama’s MSM Palace Guards want to create. Because Obama can’t win on his failed record, the MSM intends to make sure America understands that only racists and a racist country would dare fire the first black president.”


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